Emily in Paris season 2, episode 9 recap – “Scents & Sensibility”

December 22, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 9 is a solid penultimate chapter, giving the viewers enough to feast on for the finale.

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Episode 9 is a solid penultimate chapter, giving the viewers enough to feast on for the finale.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2, episode 9, “Scents & Sensibility,” contains spoilers.

Of course, the penultimate chapter gives plenty for the audience to chew over as the complicated love life of Emily reaches the surface, while the marketing firm is at risk once again.

Emily in Paris season 2, episode 9 recap

Episode 9 opens with Camille and Emily watching Alfie and Gabriel playing football. Everything seems perfect, according to Camille, who claims Gabriel is only her friend. It doesn’t seem convincing though. When Emily returns home, she finds Mindy in bed with Benoit so quickly departs.

A pregnant Madeline (Emily’s boss) wants to check-in on the company and let’s Emily know that she’s traveling to Paris. It’s a surprise visit. Sylvie speaks to Emily and she seems frantic about this surprise. Madeline introduces herself to Sylvie for the first time — she makes it known that the Gilbert Group likes to make an executive visit on their subsidiaries once in a while. Madeline sits in on a market meeting to see how they all work, but Sylvie is keeping a watchful eye on her.

Later in the night, Madeline is concerned by the rates charged by the clients and problems with the accounting books, and she shares this with Emily.

Mindy is getting negative social media attention; it states she went from bathroom attendant to a band on the streets. She blames it on one of the band members who then reveals that Mindy comes from a rich family in China. Benoit is disappointed that she lied after sharing a story to the world that they are a poor band trying to make it. Mindy is upset and storms off.

Emily finds Mindy upset back at home. She tells her she is killing it and the headlines mean nothing on social media. Mindy is heartbroken because she’s been really happy recently. Emily tells Mindy that she’s the best and things work out.

When Sylvie gets into work in the morning, Madeline is in her office. Madeline brings up the fee that their most prestigious client (Pierre) pays is not good enough for the number of years they have served them. Sylvie is sceptical, believing Antoine would not agree to a change in rate. Madeline believes they can negotiate.

At an event, Madeline meets Antoine and his wife. He raises how they are severely underpaying them in line with growth. Antoine wants to have this conversation at a more appropriate time because it’s a party and walks off. The wife privately reveals to Madeline that they’ve stuck to the same arrangement because Antoine was having an affair with Sylvie for over three years. That’s why Sylvie never charges a full rate. She warns that the courts would not appreciate raising the rates as it would be too coincidental now. And then she lands another secret to Madeline — that Sylvie is sleeping with the photographer Erik.

The ending

Madeline grabs Emily for a talk. She tells her that she’s freaking out and believes Sylvie should not be at the firm. She wants Emily to gather evidence. Meanwhile, Luc reveals to Alfie that Emily slept with the chef Gabriel and that there was a lot of drama centering it. He tells Alfie that Emily deserves to be happy. Luc realizes he dropped a bombshell and does his best to leave the conversation.

Alfie finds Emily at the party; he asks her about Gabriel and wants her to be honest. Emily admits they had a moment and that it was nothing. Alfie doesn’t want to be the second fiddle. Emily insists she and Gabriel are just friends. Alfie doesn’t want to play games, and he’s happy that they are just friends — he states his feelings are real. This was Emily’s time to be truthful — that Gabriel remains on her mind. Alfie gave her an excellent opportunity to tell the truth, and she missed an open goal.

Mindy hears from Benoit, who has finished the song — she still inspires him. She listens to the music and cries in happiness.

Episode 9 is a solid penultimate chapter, giving the viewers enough to feast on for the finale.

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