Emily in Paris season 2, episode 5 recap – “An Englishman in Paris”

December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Episode 5 introduces a new character to get under Emily’s skin and reintroduces more complications to her life.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2, episode 5, “An Englishman in Paris,” contains spoilers.

We fully expected Netflix to throw a new man into the mix of this already complicated story, but this soon? It comes as a surprise how fast the story is moving.

Emily in Paris season 2, episode 5 recap

As episode 5 opens, Emily learns that she will be promoting Gabriel’s new restaurant. She’s in charge of marketing it. Emily talks to Sylvie about it; she says her history with Gabriel is in the past. As for Mindy, she continues to busk with her band and they gather the crowds again. It’s a success. Emily and Julien meet Mindy and the band as they need music for the Happy Hearts Party for one of their clients.

Emily is still attending French language lessons, parking herself next to Englishman Alfie. He tells her that he was raised in London and that he’s only attending French lessons as it’s a requirement for his company, so he isn’t taking it seriously. He declines her offer of going to a cafe to practice the language. He doesn’t seem to like her, which irks Emily.

Gabriel meets Emily at her work for a meeting. Emily presents plans on how they will promote the opening. There’s plenty of sexual tension between them. But then, it gets more awkward as Camille and her family show up — they are excited to see Gabriel. Eventually, Emily manages to get that coffee with Alfie. They get to know each other, but Alfie makes a lot of assumptions about her. Emily talks about her job passionately while Alfie remains sceptical, believing it isn’t a real job. He gets under Emily’s skin.

Emily takes behind-the-scenes footage of Gabriel at work at the restaurant. After a lot of wine and cooking, they end up a bit loose around each other. They end up hooking up on the kitchen counter, but then a woman arrives for an interview for the bartender job. As Emily walks away she looks flustered and surprised.

We finally got what we wanted; Emily and Gabriel hooking up, but it’s short-lived.

Sylvie tells Emily that she can tell she’s in love with Gabriel. She thinks while she is in France she should fall in love, have fun and make mistakes. She also reveals that Camille’s family wants her back on the Champere account. And then Emily receives two texts, one from Gabriel about that kiss and one from Camille about meeting for lunch. It’s suddenly complicated again.

The ending

So Emily has lunch with Camille. Camille understands what happened between Emily and Gabriel but wishes she had told her as a friend. They toast to a fresh start, and Camille makes a pact — to never be with Gabriel. Later, Mindy is surprised they made a pact. Mindy is in the audience’s mind. Of course, the agreement is not going to work!

The party arrives; Mindy and her band play, and Alfie attends. He’s impressed by the event but tells Emily that he’s still not learning French, but it sounds like it was more out of jest. As the night ends, Emily approaches Gabriel before he opens his restaurant and tells him that she’s only in Paris for a year; she doesn’t want to start something she can’t continue as it’s a fantasy. She doesn’t want an expiration date on love as it will hurt them. Gabriel looks defeated and heads inside his restaurant to open it.

Is this the end of Emily and Gabriel? We fully expect the Netflix series to drag it out.

Episode 5 introduces a new character to get under Emily’s skin and reintroduces more complications to her life.

Additional points

  • Julien has the hots for one of Mindy’s band members, but unfortunately, he is not gay, and the band member (Benoit) is attracted to Mindy.

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