Emily in Paris season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “French Ending”?

October 2, 2020
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Episode 7 changes the narrative slightly; for once, Emily does not know how to solve the problems which make for a more interesting story.

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Episode 7 changes the narrative slightly; for once, Emily does not know how to solve the problems which make for a more interesting story.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 1, episode 7, “French Ending” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Sylvie is going on vacation and Emily offers to help with the Foutier flagship party as there is an American actress (Brooklyn Clark) hosting the event — Sylvie agrees to Emily’s offer. In the office, Emily learns that Sylvie is off on holiday with Antoine.

Meeting the star

Luc tells Emily American films have unrealistic endings and that he prefers a “French ending” that is tragic. Emily goes to a hotel and escorts Brooklyn to her room. She’s a little obstructive in the conversation and asks Emily to leave as she needs to m********e after a long flight. She was quick to strip herself naked to her underwear and lay on the couch which leaves Emily bemused.

The comedy in all this is Emily’s reactions, not Brooklyn’s diva ways.

Look after my boyfriend

In the evening, Camille tells Emily and Mindy that Gabriel can buy the restaurant. Gabriel looks downbeat because he doesn’t want Camille’s parents to offer him a loan for the down payment. Camille feels like she is being intrusive but she’s out of the city this week so asks Emily to make sure he has fun at the party.

Brooklyn is wearing a dress by Pierre Cadault and Sylvie is impressed. Antoine and his wife show up at the party which worries Emily. She tells Sylvie who doesn’t seem bothered. Gabriel shows up and Brooklyn finds him hot.

Episode 7 is like a ticking time bomb.

Surprise holiday

Antoine speaks to Emily so she asks Gabriel to put his arm around her. And then Sylvie and Gabriel’s wife comes over. The situation gets awkward as the wife was accidentally sent the vacation email and she believes Antoine is surprising her with a holiday. Sylvie looks hurt as that was meant to be her holiday with Antoine so leaves the party.

The usual life of the mistress comes to the surface in the Netflix series — we’ve found Sylvie’s weak spot.

In the club

And then Brooklyn leaves early; the party is turning into a disaster. Gabriel tells Emily to ring Brooklyn’s driver. Emily and Gabriel find the club Brooklyn is in and they agree to party. On the dance floor, Gabriel and Emily kiss but then Emily withdraws as she feels it is wrong. And then Emily gets a call from the Foutier party as they want the watch back that Brooklyn has — it was up for auction at the event and there’s a massive insurance contract attached to it. Emily cannot find Brooklyn and is panicking — Gabriel offers to drive her on his scooter. They head back to the hotel but the receptionist does not know who Brooklyn is.

For once, we are seeing Emily with zero solutions — she has no idea what to do.

Sylvie fixes it

Gabriel and Emily sit down for a drink after a failed night. Sylvie rings Emily about the watch and Brooklyn. Sylvie and Emily force the receptionist to show them the room. They enter Brooklyn’s room and she was having sex with a French man. Sylvie takes the watch and then Emily sees an opportunity and takes a photo of Pierre Cadault’s dress on the floor.

Always marketing on a whim!

The ending

Emily asks Sylvie if she’s happy and believes she can have more. Sylvie believes you can’t have 100% of anyone and that no-one has that with marriage — she doesn’t believe in good endings. Outside, Gabriel wants to make sure she gets home — Emily tells Gabriel she wants more than what he can offer and tells him she can get herself home.

The next day, the photo of Pierre Cadault’s dress trends on Instagram. Emily asks Sylvie if she’d like a girl’s trip away but she tells her to get out of her office.

Emily in Paris season 1, episode 7 changes the narrative slightly; for once, Emily does not know how to solve the problems which make for a more interesting story.

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