Emily in Paris season 2, episode 6 recap – “Boiling Point”

December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Episode 6 feels like a segway to a new storyline as Emily navigates a new romance and turns her attention elsewhere.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2, episode 6, “An Englishman in Paris,” contains spoilers.

As we reach the halfway point of this romantic comedy, it isn’t easy to understand where the story is heading. But that’s a good thing, right? Emily In Paris lacks predictability at this point.

Emily in Paris season 2, episode 6 recap

Gabriel confronts Emily about her social media promotions about his restaurant. He thinks she’s being lazy. Emily disputes that, stating she has gone “all-out” for the restaurant. It feels like an excuse for Gabriel to speak to her.

Emily shows Sylvie the Chopard photos and believes the photographer had a crush on her. Sylvie thinks the photographer is way too young. When Emily walks away, Sylvie gets in touch with the photographer Erik. They arrange a drink together and it leads to sex. A sly fox Sylvie is!

At the French language lessons, Emily has come along way. Alfie is still winding up Emily and when speaking about her in French he implies she wears silly clothes and isn’t a fun person.

There’s 150 guests for the opening night at the restaurant, but Gabriel only wanted 50. Sylvie tells Emily to handle it as she has plans. The night arrives and there’s a lot of high profile guests at the restaurant. While Emily arranges the night, Alfie rings her and invites her for a beer, but she declines due to work. Alfie remphasises how she is no fun again.

Gabriel finds out that there’s more than 50 reservations; Camille who is happily (and suspiciously) helping out, offers out free champagne to help waiting guests, which confuses Emily. And suddenly, the music gets louder and it’s becoming overwhelming like a nightclub. Gabriel is getting irritated and calls it a nightclub and storms off. This infuriates Antoine.

The ending

Camille tells Gabriel not to ruin this opportunity and calms him down. She doesn’t want him to throw away something that means a lot to him. Meanwhile, Emily calms down Antoine — she thinks they should keep it a restaurant to 11 o clock, and then afterward, it turns into a nightclub. When Gabriel returns, he likes that idea, and both men agree with a way forward.

Julien secures a photoshoot with Ellen Von Enwerth for Vespa. Sylvie shoots the idea down, explaining they have Erik. She’s chosen an amateur photographer she’s having sex with over a world-famous photographer. Emily confronts her about it. The client, Vespa, wants Ellen and tells Sylvie. Sylvie is furious, and she apologizes to Erik.

As the episode ends, Emily enjoys her scooter on the streets of Paris and offers Alfie a ride to class. Maybe she’s fun after all. Alfie hops on. A new romance is indeed brewing.

Episode 6 feels like a segway to a new storyline as Emily navigates a new romance and turns her attention elsewhere.

Additional points

  • Mindy is developing a romance with band member Benoit.

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