See For Me ending explained – does Sophie make it out alive?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 8, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
See For Me ending explained - does Sophie make it out alive?

This article contains major spoilers for See For Me’s ending.

Randall Okita’s See For Me is a home-invasion thriller with a twist, though admittedly one that it doesn’t make as much use of as it perhaps might. Nevertheless, though, it’s a pretty fresh take on the genre, filtering the age-old framework through the lens of impairment, as in Hush, and mixing in some technological details that add new wrinkles to the formula. Following Sophie (Skyler Davenport), a bitter and resentful former Olympic skiing hopeful who has become kleptomaniacal due to the loss of her sight, it chronicles one long, cold night in an upscale glass-walled mansion under siege by robbers trying to get at the mountains of cash in the property’s safe.

Sophie, we learn, makes a habit of cat-sitting in these plush properties, mostly so she can steal items that are expensive enough to turn a profit on but not so pricey that they’ll be missed. She uses her friend, Cam (Keaton Kaplan), as a fence, but also as a virtual tour guide who helps her navigate the expansive homes and find items such as old bottles of wine that’ll pass muster. He’s reluctant, though, since Sophie, who doesn’t really need the money, is obviously taking such risks out of resentment for her predicament. She’s dismissive of her overprotective mother, aggressive towards Cam, and fiercely independent, sometimes to her own detriment. All of this becomes dangerously relevant when thieves break into the property that Sophie is minding for Debra (Laura Vandervoort), a well-off divorcee who has gone on a solo vacation to take the edge off her recent separation.

Sophie’s only lifeline is Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy), an ex-military gamer who she’s connected to via an app called See For Me, which is based on a real one called Be My Eyes. After helping Sophie get back inside the property after locking herself out, she later comes to the rescue when Sophie calls to tell her that there are intruders in the house.

See For Me ending explained

The problem is that Sophie doesn’t follow advice well. She ignores Kelly’s instructions and bolts for the door, where she’s promptly captured by the robbers, who include Dave (Joe Pingue), a nervous safe-cracker, Otis (George Tchortov), the slightly unhinged muscle, and Ernie (Pascal Langdale), the second-in-command who answers only to their boss, Rico (Kim Coates), who it doesn’t take much sleuthing to work out is the husband that Debra is divorcing.

Here’s where Sophie’s moral ambiguity comes into play. Since she’s already in the house to steal things, and she’s unable to identify the perpetrators, she offers herself as an equal partner in the scheme if she helps to get rid of the attending police officer, Deputy Brooks (Emily Piggford), who is investigating the initial call she made to 911. This doesn’t go to plan, though, and Deputy Brooks ends up dead, the shock of which sends Sophie back into hiding and leads to her turning once again to Kelly.

Armed with Brooks’ gun, Kelly leads Sophie around the house like Doomguy, directing her to open fire on the intruders like she’s steering the protagonist in a first-person shooter. The morality of all this isn’t questioned by the film. Sophie is visibly uncomfortable with the act, but she pulls the trigger, all the same, killing Ernie, Otis, and eventually Dave before her phone dies, living her at the mercy of Rico himself, who arrives to finish her off and grab the loot.

After a scuffle, Sophie is able to take Rico down, and she survives the ordeal. What’s more is that she actually emerges from it with a new acceptance for her impairment and a zest for life, which leads her back onto the ski slopes, aided by both Cam and Kelly, who has obviously become a personal friend. However, it doesn’t seem like she has quite gotten over her urge to make a little additional profit. Still, rich people won’t miss it, right?

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