Archive 81 season 1 – who is Cassandra Waller?

By Marc Miller
Published: January 14, 2022
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Who is Cassandra Waller in Archive 81 season 1 - netflix series

This article, “who is Cassandra Waller” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Archive 81 season 1.

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Cassandra is a secondary character and the mother hen of the Visser building. She employs Jess to do odd jobs for her and is a woman who provides money and wisdom to those who need it. However, is any of this genuinely altruistic? So, that begs the question: 

Who is Cassandra Waller in Archive 81 season 1?

On 4/13/1988, Christie’s Auction House is selling Elenor Waller’s estate. A post-war artist born in London in 1928, she was a “Spirit Receiver” with several other abstract artists that double as a medium. That person who owns the items at the auction is Cassandra. She is the former lover of Elenor, the pair that started the Spirit Reliever movement in the United States. During the 1994 fire at The Visser, she had died when Samuel attempted to open up a portal to the other world. 

What does Cassandra Waller do in Archive 81 season 1?

Cassandra invited Melody to a party that was designed to be a seance. She also asks Patricia, a woman wearing a pendant of the symbol on the building and the armoire. She thinks the television is sending her messages. Another is the medium, Beatriz, that Melody met previously. Also, Samuel brings Evie Crest. Her father is William Crest, who made that film The Circle that never aired and Dan acquired for the museum.

Cassandra and Samuel have two goals at this party. To confirm, Melody comes from a long line of Baldungs. The other is for Evie to ask her father, William, where he kept a copy of the film through the medium. Cassandra gets Evie to tell her story. The Circle was inspired by an actual cult that was behind the inspiration. So, Cassandra has the medium perform a séance. We all know what happens next. Poor Beatriz draws blood by scratching her face and clawing out her eyes. 

We also find out that Cassandra is the one who has been poisoning Jess and Anabelle. The Spirit Receiver is putting that strange black mold into Jess’s tea, and in the paint she gave Anabelle to use. She is doing her part and is the senior leader of Samuel’s cult.

Good old Cas doesn’t care who she hurts.

Later, we presume she died in the 1994 East Village Visser building fire. However, if she was in the video in Dan’s dream when she reached through the television to grab his neck and tell him to stay out, wouldn’t that mean she is in the “in-between” world as well?

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