Archive 81 season 1 – who is Virgil Davenport?

By Marc Miller
Published: January 14, 2022
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Who is Virgil Davenport in Archive 81 season 1 - netflix series

This article, “who is Virgil Davenport” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Archive 81 season 1.

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Virgil Davenport is the main antagonist in the Netflix series Archive 81. He is so mysterious, Dan admits to him during his job interview he could not find much about him or his company, LMG. So, that begs the question:

Who is Virgil Davenport in Archive 81 season 1?

Mr. Virgil Davenport is a CEO who knows how to talk to people. He never loses his “chummy attitude” in addressing any situation. Virgil is the CEO of a mysterious company called LMG. He generously offers Dan Turner an offer no one could refuse. He will pay him $100,000 to restore a set of burned video cassettes. The only catch is they cannot be moved. He needs Dan to perform his duties in his lab at a compound in the Catskills.

It turned out that Virgil had a brother named Samuel. He is paying Dan to restore the tapes to find out what had happened to him. He also owned a genetic testing company, and the records are kept in a secret basement under the Catskills property. (That company has to be a way to attempt to locate a Baldung, in my opinion).

What does Virgil Davenport do in Archive 81 season 1?

Virgil has been watching Dan from his secret basement with a video camera system he has set up. Every time Dan calls him, he is taping him and reminds him that he has health counseling that is just a phone call away. Nice? Maybe. But it is primarily a way to cover himself to discredit him later if needed.

Every time Dan gets closer to the truth, Virgil enters to smooth things over. He even tries to gain Mark Higgins’ confidence, Dan’s best friend, because he worries about his history of depression. It turns out he was trying to make Mark a mole.

After Dan finds Virgil in one of those videos talking to Samuel, he comes clean to Dan. The primary mission here is that he wants him to discover what happened to his brother. However, after Dan destroys his property one more time, Dan finds a secret entrance in the LMG records office. And you’ll never guess where it led.

The basement in the mansion is used in the snuff film and the 1994 Visser fire!

Dan is knocked out from behind. Virgil has dismissed him, and if he keeps pursuing things, he will turn tapes to the cops of him destroying his property.

This sets up one last encounter between Dan and Virgil. He shows him the last tape that proves his brother survived. In turn, Virgil reveals that Dan’s family was killed because the Turner patriarch had the set of videos that Dan had been working on. He was just a child when it happened. Dan’s surviving was a complete coincidence. 

However, Virgil doesn’t seem to care if his brother is alive. “Was that your ace in the hole?” he asks Dan. Then Dan attacks him, Virgil pulls a gun, and the only reason Dan survives is that his best friend Mark snuck in and attacked the old man from behind. 

That was the last time we saw Virgil. He could very well return in a second season, but you have to wonder if he already knew Samuel survived based on his reaction.

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