Archive 81 season 1 – who is Tamara Stefano?

By Marc Miller
Published: January 14, 2022
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Who is Tamara Stefano in Archive 81 season 1 - netflix series

This article, “who is Tamara Stefano” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Archive 81 season 1.

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The character of Tamara Stefano is relatively minor in Netflix’s Archive 81 but has an important role. So, this begs the question:

Who is Tamara Stefano in Archive 81 season 1?

When we are introduced to Tamara, she is being interviewed by Melody for her oral history project on the Visser apartment building. She explains she sings in a local opera production in the East Village. Melody was brought to the building because it was cheap and fit her giant piano. She composes experimental opera. Melody, who was spooked by unusual humming and huffing coming from her vent the night before, is released. It must have been Tamara. Except Tamara says she wasn’t in the building around that time. Tamara lied, however. She was in the common room performing the prayer (the humming and huffing sounds) to the Kaelego. 

What does Tamara Stefano do in Archive 81 Season 1?

Melody is a pawn in the grand scheme of things at the Visser. Or, for Samuel. She manipulates Melody into opening up the door of Jess and her mother’s apartment when she hears sounds of the priest performing an exorcism. She also instigates the daughter of William Crest to admit her father committed suicide. This caused Ms. Crest to engage with Beatriz, the medium, to talk to her father to find a copy of his infamous snuff film.

Unfortunately for Tamara, she meets a dead end. Her former lover, Samuel, is the new head of the occult. Even though Jess escaped, he has a backup plan. He decides to serve up his lover as the sacrifice during the 1994 seance that led to The Visser fire. Tamara looks scared but remarkably understanding about this predicament she is in. But this is her duty that is part of a greater picture. She is given the kharonite pendant. Rose was wearing the one she died in the 1940 snuff home video.

So, the seance starts, and while Samuel has his hands over the pendant and Tamara’s chest, he slices her throat.

Tamara dies in the last episode of the season.

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