Ozark season 4, episode 6 recap – “Sangre Sobre Todo”

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Netflix Ozark season 4, episode 6 - Sangre Sobre Todo


Who is the real enemy? Episode 6 proposes some complex relationships that could implode at any moment.

This recap of Netflix’s Ozark season 4, episode 6, “Sangre Sobre Todo,” contains spoilers. 

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Damn, that death toll is rising, which is expected in the final season. Episode 6 shows that problems cannot be ignored, even if you try to ignore them. Our characters are all at a crossroads, and where their paths lead is still in question.

Ozark season 4, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 begins with Agent Maya leading an FBI raid, but the lorry blows up, leaving casualties in her team. She is furious and tells Marty that four agents are in critical condition — she blames Omar. Marty does not believe Omar orchestrated this; Omar tells Wendy that she must handle Javi and wants a meeting with the FBI.

Omar is a problematic character to nail in season 4. His end game isn’t straightforward.

Episode 6 confirms that Darlene survived the heart attack and is in the hospital. She blames Ruth for what happened because she has gone behind her back — she tells Wyatt that she doesn’t want Ruth near them. Back at home, Wyatt asks Ruth why she keeps working with Marty; the man is confused and conflicted between love and family. Wendy visits Darlene in the hospital and asks her to let Jonah go, or she will give her another heart attack. Wendy continues to use cruel, lashing words to bring down her enemies.

Darlene then returns home to see Ruth there, but Wyatt tells Ruth to give his partner time. Ruth is worried and tells her brother that they can get out of this place.

Wendy keeps on trying to solidify the future and asks Jim to be their official family lawyer — she reveals that they launder money for the Navarro cartel and that Omar wants out; she asks Jim to oversee the deal. Later on, Wendy asks Jim what happens to minors who are found laundering money. It’s clear earlier on in the episode she is plotting against her son Jonah.

Marty meets with Maya and the FBI to keep the deal alive and tells them that Omar had nothing to do with the bomb; he asks for assurances for his family and affirms the idea that he can deliver Omar to them. A senior figure within the FBI tells Marty to bring proof that Omar was not behind the bombing, so Marty asks the cartel boss to hand over Javi as proof.

And so, Omar asks Javi if he was behind the explosion and explains that it hurt members of the FBI. He then tells Javi that it is his turn to be the cartel leader as he wants to spend more time with the family. He states that once the torch is fully passed, the Byrde family is his (Javi intends to kill them). But we question at this stage — does Omar believe in “blood is blood,” or is he fully fooling Javi?

Javi loves showing up unannounced, and this time he does so at the casino again. He tells Marty that Omar is stepping down and that he’s the new boss. Javi wants to up their game and move Marty to Macau to open more casinos. Marty rings Omar afterward about his nephew showing up and feels something is off. Omar wants Marty to tell the FBI that they can have it all in the deal — the money, the routes, and the leadership.

To set Javi up, Marty talks to him about the seizure bombing and compliments him about how brilliant it is — Marty is fully bugged by the FBI. Marty gives him advice for future attacks and keeps on praising him. The FBI gets enough from the recorded conversation. Later on, Javi introduces himself to Jim. Jim clarifies that he’s the Byrde family lawyer, not his, but Javi gives him a burner phone anyway.

An angry Frank Snr confronts Darlene about the money owed and going behind his back with his son. A frustrated Darlene shoots Frank Snr with a shotgun as he rants. Another one bites the dust. Wyatt is upset about what Darlene did, so Ruth tells him to leave town with her. Ruth lets Frank Jnr know that his father is dead, and Darlene killed him. She also tells him that she will square things off, and then he can do whatever he needs to do to Darlene.

As we enter the last act of episode 6, Wendy strengthens her scheme against her son Jonah. She heads to the motel and convinces Sam to let her enter her son’s room. She checks out the computer but has no luck logging in, but manages to find some notes on account numbers, so she takes a photo. Later on, Jonah is panicked as his account has been red-flagged; Ruth tells him he has no choice but to ask for his father’s help. Marty heads over and helps to create a “no trace.” Marty suspects this red flag came from an outside party but tells Jonah not to worry because it is fixed. Later on, Sam tells Jonah that Wendy came to the motel earlier — he knows his mother flagged his account and put him at risk for arrest.

The ending

A few series-defining moments end episode 6.

Wyatt confronts Darlene with the intention of leaving her but finds her crying; she has learned that the social services are coming for Zeke. Wyatt comforts her, which leads to passionate kissing. Wyatt then helps dig a burial for Frank Snr. It looks like Ruth’s influence as a family member has not worked.

Jonah returns home and accuses his mother, Wendy, of planting the red flag on his account. Marty is also disappointed in Wendy and argues with her about it. Wendy believes it is a lesson, and once again, they argue about parenting methods. Wendy claims she’s trying to keep this “family a family.” Jonah packs his bags, and Charlotte is in disbelief of what their mother did but still wants Jonah to come to Chicago.

The episode ends with Marty receiving a phone call; Omar will be delivered to the FBI in 12 hours. And then, Charlotte tells her parents that Jonah is gone.

Who is the real enemy? Episode 6 proposes some complex relationships that could implode at any moment.

Additional points

  • Marty tells Maya that she can have a position at the foundation after the ordeal is over. Maya states she wants to stay with the FBI.
  • Wendy gets a call regarding a report of a sighting of a dead body that looks like her brother. Marty tells Wendy that it can’t be him, but she goes anyway. It isn’t her brother.
  • Wendy catches up with her father. It quickly turns into an argument. The father accuses Wendy of abandoning the family.
  • Wendy asks her daughter Charlotte what she wants to do in Chicago personally. Charlotte wants to start fresh again.

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