Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock season 1 review – does the magic remain?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 22, 2022
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Apple TV plus series Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock season 1


Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock makes a welcomed return, and the result is a colorful, upbeat, and vibrant watch. Just as magically as the original, everyone can easily love and enjoy this. 

This review of Apple TV+’s Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock season 1 does not contain any spoilers.

A reboot of the original Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock series that originally aired from 1983 to 1987, the much-loved children’s show has finally made its grand return! After the success of the Fraggle Rock: Rock On! shorts (also on Apple TV+), the makers have decided to make a new series, titled Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock! 

With 13 episodes in total, each individual episode features a range of unique songs as well as some songs from its original series. Which makes it just as much of a delight for adults to watch, as well as the children.

As you would hope (and expect) the characters from the previous series, such as Red (Karen Prell), Wembley (Jordan Lockhart), Gobo (John Tartaglia), Mokey (Donna Kimbal), and Boober (Dave Goelz) return. But this time around there’s also a host of new characters that are voiced by celebrity guests. They include The Foo Fighters, Patti LaBelle, and Kenan Thompson, among many more!

Interestingly, Apple TV+ must be confident of its success as it’s the first type of non-original content available on the streaming site. And you can see why. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock is a delight to watch. It’s nice to see a past gem brought back to life, and this is something that the whole family will be able to genuinely enjoy. There are lovely messages in each episode, with the characters, in particular Sprocket the dog, easy to warm to. 

Since the original series aired, there have been obvious improvements in technology. But does it work in Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock? It sure does and it’s great to see. But most importantly, there are songs and dances, just like the original series, whilst educating children on issues such as pollution. It’s a cute little show that is naturally going to leave its mark.

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