In From the Cold season 1, episode 6 recap – can Jenny save Becca?

January 28, 2022
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The sixth episode of In From the Cold features a great ending. 

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The sixth episode of In From the Cold features a great ending. 

This recap of Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1, episode 6, “Little Bird,” contains spoilers.

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In From the Cold season 1, episode 6 recap

After Jenny tells Chauncey that she knows Damian, she says that Damian will help them if he gets money and a new identity. As Jenny apologizes to Becca for pushing her in the previous episode, Carmo hides in the closet. Damian, under the control of Svetlana, invites Jenny around. And after a dance, he tasers her!

After Jenny regains consciousness, he demands to know who the American is, or he will have a rat claw through her intestines. To save her own life, Jenny bites Damian’s ear off and ultimately shoots him. As he dies in her arms, the mind control appears to be over. A continued flashback to Russia, reveals that after Jenny/Anya found nothing in the safe, Svetlana told her to go kill Dr. Orlov.

After Becca nails the latest round of ice skating practice, Svetlana makes small talk with her. Upon learning that Damian has a meeting planned to deliver a bomb to Gideon, Jenny poses as Damian in the meeting. During the meeting, where Jenny accidentally says “Becca”, she learns that the target for the bomb is the Prime Minister. Jenny shakes, and when inside of the bathroom, she struggles to hold her form.

A flashback highlights Jenny/Anya’s struggles as she tries to murder Faina’s father. As Svetlana arrives, Jenny is unable to morph back into Damian and therefore has to flee before she can learn that Svetlana is Gideon. Several men try shooting at her, although she is able to reach Chauncey in time. Later, after Chauncey checks Jenny over he says there is nothing physically wrong with Jenny. He suggests that it could be related to Becca, with Jenny admitting that it could be time to send Becca away from Madrid.

The ending

The flashback to Russia reappears, and after Dr. Orlov catches her snooping after she learns he wants to destroy the vial, they end up fighting and as a result, Jenny/Anya has no choice but to kill him. When Chauncey spots Becca with Carmo, he calls Chris before he goes after him. Although Chris is told not to tell Jenny about the latest developments, Jenny soon learns the truth.

There’s a dramatic fight scene between Chauncey and Carmo, with Chauncey getting badly beaten up. Jenny intervenes, likely saving Chauncey from being killed, and follows Carmo to the rooftop. She wants to know who he is working for. He responds with: “We play the parts, and this is mine, ptichka”. As Jenny realizes this is a reference to Svetlana, Carmo steps off the roof and to his death. Fearing for Becca’s safety, there are some brilliantly executed flashbacks as Jenny searches for Becca. She can’t find her and when she goes to track Becca, the connection is lost.

Jenny goes ice skating, but Becca isn’t there. With a few flashbacks of Russia and her relationship with Becca, Jenny finds the hotel room empty. She goes to track Becca, but the connection is lost.

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