In From the Cold season 1, episode 5 recap – will Jenny turn against Chauncey?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix In From the Cold season 1, episode 5 - An Old Friend


A truly exciting episode! There’s a gory death, dramatic speeches, and shocking reveals.

This recap of Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1, episode 5, “An Old Friend,” contains spoilers.

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In From the Cold season 1, episode 5 recap

After the events of the previous episode. Jenny gets questioned, with Chief Inspector Ohana correctly guessing that Jenny is working with Chauncey. After telling Jenny that Chauncey was betrayed by a double agent, Ohana asks if Chauncey is blackmailing Jenny. She gives Jenny a chance to make it all go away. It seems to win Jenny over; “let’s take that motherf**ker down”.

Yet, it’s just a ruse as Jenny morphs into Ohana and returns to Chauncey and Chris. Chauncey explains the double agent story. He explains that he was engaged to a fellow CIA agent called Rose. There was a silent partner who financed the operation, likely Gideon, and Rose had the silent partner locked down. But when Chauncey got there, Gideon wasn’t there. Just Rose, and she triggered the bomb. To add salt to the wound, Chauncey had to shoot Rose before she could detonate the bomb. Therefore this is personal for Chauncey, and he’s paying for it through his family trust fund.

After Becca overhears Maddie theorizing that Becca is to blame for Claire’s accident, Becca moves back into the hotel room with Jenny. When Becca spots Jenny with Chauncey, she assumes they are romantically involved. It results in an argument, and Jenny violently shoves Becca against the wall.

Acting out, Becca shoplifts some jewelry. As she rushes away, Carmo appears and chats her up, and continues to woo her throughout the episode. Elsewhere, Ohana comes to see Chauncey. She wants to know who Jenny is, although he gets her to back off when he demands she leaves him and his asset alone.

Svetlana tells Jenny/Anya to seduce a male so she can enter a safe. But once Jenny/Anya ties the man to a bed and enters a safe, nothing is inside. Meanwhile, after Jenny befriends Ines at the church, Felipe finds Jenny and Ines at their home. This is where Jenny meets Damian (Oleg Kricunova). After Jenny makes a dramatic speech, she appears to have truly won Felipe over.

The ending

Later that night and in a bar, Jenny meets with Damian. They know each other! (Although Chauncey already suspected, and Jenny is unaware as he and Chris watch the meeting through the optic cameras in her eyes). It turns out that Damian has looked for Jenny for years: “I would have given my life to protect you”. Jenny is straight to the point and asks what he knows about Gideon. He provides no answers, not even when she offers him help from the Americans. His reason? He trusts only Jenny. They have a problem, however. Tomas has followed them. Jenny chases him onto a train. When they fight, Jenny is able to trap his coat on the train door. And as the train leaves the station, Tomas dies.

As the fifth episode of In From The Cold concludes, Svetlana pays a visit to Damian, she reveals that she is Gideon. Whilst Gideon asks for Jenny to be kept out of it, Svetlana plays with a stopwatch, hums. This appears to transport Gideon underwater, much like Lidia. So now it seems like Svetlana is now in control of Damian’s mind.

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