In From the Cold season 1, episode 4 recap – Jenny faces danger

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix In From the Cold season 1, episode 4 - The Family


With Jenny worming her way closer to Felipe and his family, it’s non-stop tension in the fourth episode of In From The Cold.

This recap of Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1, episode 4, “The Family,” contains spoilers.

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In From the Cold season 1, episode 4 recap

Jenny manages to stay calm, and therefore, she is able to remain in camo mode. But only just. When Felipe catches her sneaking away from the secure area, Jenny attempts to hide her fear by kissing him. Does it work? Maybe. As he drives Jenny to her hotel, he becomes suspicious when Jenny is unable to share pictures of her family. In a desperate rush, Chauncey and Clark try to make a hotel room seem “lived in”. Clark sneaks a hotel key to Jenny, with Felipe successfully believing the cover story.

Jenny/Anya realizes that one of the comrades had been sent to kill her by the woman in a cloak, aka Svetlana Petrova (Alyona Khmelnitskaya), as a trap to see how Jenny/Anya would react. In a disgusting move, Svetlana spits in Jenny/Anya’s mouth for her lack of respect. Meanwhile, Jenny, Chauncey, and Chris learn that Felipe is convincing young men that the Spanish Prime Minister is destroying the fatherland. But Felipe is not the one in control; someone called Gideon is.

Chauncey responds to a text from Davi and meets with him. Except it’s a trap. Chief Inspector Ohana is there, and although she originally wants to take him in, Chauncey convinces her that he is involved in a covert op. After Jenny goes on a date with Felipe, he introduces her to his sister Ines; she also notices that Tomas (Mat Cruz), one of Felipe’s guards, is there. Once Felipe shows Jenny his bulls, she meets Diego and shakes his hands, giving her his DNA.

The ending

Whilst practicing for the upcoming championship, Claire is in an accident and breaks her ankle. Maddie can’t help but speculate whether Becca is to blame. Jenny tries to morph into Diego; she is unable to at first, although she eventually manages to do so and posing as Diego tries to apologize to Felipe. It gets hinted that Andres abuses Diego as he claims he would never let Felipe hurt him.

Whilst unable to stay in Diego’s body any longer, Jenny still enters the spa. Once inside, she gets attacked by one of the Jackals. Despite her weakened state, Jenny still gains the upper hand and stabs the Jackal in the eyes. Although in the process, Jenny loses Chauncey on her earpiece; just as the police storm the building.

Now that In From the Cold is at the halfway mark, it’s starting to leave its mark. The entrance of Felipe is brilliant. With the suggestion that Jenny’s cover could be blown, the fourth episode proves to be the best yet. And whilst Jenny has worked mainly with Chauncey and Chris, the ending suggests that she may have to do it alone in episode 5. 

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