In From the Cold season 1, episode 3 recap – enter Felipe

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix In From the Cold season 1, episode 3 - The Widow,


Although the episode began with Lidia being taken away, there was little doubt whether she’d turn up again. Despite the tragic ending, a deadly villain may have emerged in Felipe.

This recap of Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1, episode 3, “The Widow,” contains spoilers.

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In From the Cold season 1, episode 3 recap

In the third episode of In From the Cold, Jenny backs away from Lidia, who, after shooting some glass, threatens to shoot her for real this time. Lidia recalls that when she was in a room getting ready with her bridesmaids, she heard some music that scared her and felt like she was drowning whilst someone stood above her. When she woke up, she ran. When Jenny asks how Lidia knows Yannick (he told her to deliver the temple of Debod’s security details to Puoco Franco), they are both attacked by Jackals. Whilst Lidia gets taken, Jenny uses her power of camo-mode (camouflage) to hide. Chauncey and Clark find her in a weakened state. 

After healing, Jenny adds when she touches someone’s skin, she collects their DNA and therefore has the ability to become them. Unbeknownst to Jenny, Chauncey has optic cameras installed in Jenny’s eyes and tracks her every movement. Chauncey also learns that one of the Jackals goes by the name of Carmo and has an artistic scar (brand) on his hand. As the ice skating gets underway, Becca’s rival Claire (Anna Jobarteh) finds the bird’s skeleton in her soup. 

Chauncey meets his contact, Davi, and gains his opinion on the brand. Davi believes that it is from a group in Madrid that deals with Meth. We also learn from their interaction that Chauncey no longer works for the CIA, as they “disavowed” him a year ago. From Chauncey’s information, he, Jenny, and Chris realize that Puoco Franco is not a person, but rather a company. If they find out who distributes from the company, they may find their terrorist. In Russia, a younger Jenny/Anya is being followed. She chases after them until they hang off a building edge. She decides to save him, but he then gets shot dead almost immediately. The woman in a black cloak scolds Jenny/Anya for killing him; shoot first, then ask questions. Jenny/Anya checks his ID. He isn’t counterintelligence, he is SVR. 

The ending

Whilst two brothers, Diego and Ramon, bicker about being Uncle Felipe’s (José Luis García Pérez) favorite, Jenny poses as SuYin (Jeremy Ang Jones) and inquires about Puoco Franco. It leads them to a nightclub, and after researching Felipe, who appears to be squeaky clean, Jenny decides that “it’s time to pay Jesus Christ a visit”. Jenny and Chauncey go to the nightclub, which has nine levels, and they go to the second level, aka lust. Although there are cameras everywhere, Jenny has Chauncey removed from the club, which allows Felipe to introduce himself to Jenny, who says she is Sara Fonte. He takes her to level 3, and they touch hands. Shortly afterward, Felipe is taken away, because of an unknown issue. 

Jenny morphs her hand into Felipe’s hand and goes inside a secured area. She finds Lidia, but when someone comes, Jenny goes into camo mode. She watches as Carmo tells Felipe that Lidia knows nothing. When Lidia recognizes Felipe’s favorite nephew, Ramon, Felipe forces them to fight. Felipe declares Lidia the champion and shoots her in the head. He also shoots Ramon, who he views as a traitor. Felipe has Diego dispose of the two bodies. The episode comes to a close as Jenny’s vital begin to spike. 

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