The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window – who is Emma?

January 28, 2022
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This article, ”who is Emma,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix limited series The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

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Who is Emma in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window?

Emma is the daughter of Neil and Meredith, with her mother already deceased by the start of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Despite Emma only being a young child, she is a ruthless and violent serial killer. 

Her first known murder victim is her mother, Meredith. After Meredith becomes pregnant, Emma, who doesn’t want a sibling, hatches a plan to ensure Meredith falls into some deep water. And as Meredith can’t swim, Emma can ensure she drowns. Her second victim is her school teacher Ms. Patrick. 

Her third victim is Lisa, whose death sets a lot of the actions in motion for the storyThe reason for the murder? After Lisa tells Emma that she won’t be getting her a chocolate bar, Emma sticks a knife in Lisa’s neck. 

Although Emma is a clever and manipulative psychopath, her sweet nature and young age prevent people from considering that she could have murdered Lisa.

What does Emma do? (spoilers)

After Emma relocate with Neil, she appears to settle in well within the area. But after she murders Lisa, and Anna begins to become a problem, Emma starts to set Anna up for the murder. 

First of all, Emma tells Anna that Neil can be violent at times and that he was violent towards her mother. This information, likely to be false, causes Anna to believe that Neil may be the one responsible for Lisa and Meredith’s deaths. 

In actual fact, Emma is getting close to Anna so that she can sneak into Anna’s house and steal a palette knife. Once she does so, Emma frames Anna for Lisa’s murder, even having her arrested for the crime. But when Anna gets released on bail, Emma’s plan turns even more deadly. 

She murders Neil, as she doesn’t like his ventriloquist act, it’s believed that she also kills Buell, and then reveals that she attempts to frame the whole ordeal on Anna. Emma then attacks Anna and smashes a casserole dish over Anna’s head. Just as Emma is about to kill Anna, Anna grabs a shard of the casserole dish and stabs Emma in the chest.

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