Raising Dion season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 1, 2022
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Netflix Raising Dion season 2, episode 8 - ISSUE #208 Who You Are - the ending explained


Season 2 ends on a stronger note, but whether or not it persuades for the third season is another question.

This recap of Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2, episode 8, “ISSUE #208: Who You Are,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Many elements feel rushed in the finale of season 2 to bring things together. It’s clear that they want this story to continue, but will there be an appetite? Time will tell.

Raising Dion season 2, episode 8 recap — the ending explained

Episode 8 opens with Brayden and the monsters filling the football field. Dion looks outside and is alarmed at the enemy he’s facing. Nicole then finds him in the corridor at school and reminds him that the show is about to start. Dion is agitated and tells her Brayden is outside with an army. Knowing this could be her last day with her son and with nothing to lose, Nicole offers to help defeat the enemy.

BIONA is still trying to save Pat. David thinks selfishly and wants to observe and take samples from Pat, even after he dies. And then, apparently, Pat dies, which brings a twist later on in the episode.

Preparing for battle, Dion tells Esperanza that he cannot do the solo, so the teacher takes his place. Dion heads outside with his mother to face Brayden and the monsters.

Brayden is controlling the monsters with his mind. Dion attempts to enter Brayden’s mind to calm him down, but it’s a lost cause as the monsters charge forward and the fight begins. Luckily, Tevin joins to help out, and then eventually, Janelle enters the fold.

And then the twist comes; Pat suddenly wakes up, and he’s acting nonchalant and casual. His powers are fully back, and he’s back to his bitter, evil self. He notes how Suzanne wanted him locked up forever, and he attacks the security guards and leaves. At this point, season 2 is trying to form a season 3.

The monsters overwhelm Dion and the group, so there’s only one more option left to stop the evil. Nicole reaches out to Brayden, reminding the boy that he’s her son’s friend. She emotionally relates to him, stating that his parents’ deaths must have hurt him. As the Crooked Energy tries to keep Brayden on his side, Nicole tells him that his parents would want him to have a future and that his mother loved him. She ends her plea by explaining that he can still be a good person.

Brayden stops mind-controlling the monsters and forces Crooked Energy out of him, and it immediately flees, looking for a new life form.

But the problem of the monsters remains. Nicole thinks injecting the sinkhole with the serum will end the monsters for good, so Dion teleports down there to finish the job.

Meanwhile, David Marsh confronts a free evil Pat and asks for a favor. He wants to work with him and catalog his powers; he believes they can make a fortune. Crooked Energy then shows up, and he is finally reunited with Pat.

Down in the sinkhole, Dion struggles, but he finally injects the area with the serum. And it works; the monsters return to their human form. Nicole looks at her wrist, and the infection is gone — everyone who was infected is now cured.

The ending

The episode ends with the show continuing, and Esperanza delivers that solo that’s been prepped all season. Life seemingly returns to normal. It feels like a happy ending.

In the post-credits scene, Pat has his own army in the future, and an apparent older Dion arrives to fight him.

Season 2 ends on a stronger note, but whether or not it persuades for the third season is another question.

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