Will there be a Bird Box 3? Trilogy Possibilities Explained

By Miguel Fernández
Published: August 1, 2023
Will there be a Bird Box 3 - Sequel - Netflix film

We discuss whether there will be a Bird Box 3, a sequel to the Netflix film Bird Box: Barcelona, which will contain spoilers. 

Netflix continues to explore the dystopian future set up by the Sandra Bullock-Vivien Lyra Blair-led Bird Box, where a mysterious entity is causing people to kill themselves after looking at it all across the globe.

As a result, people must wear blindfolds if they want to survive — what A Quiet Place explored for the hearing sense, Bird Box does for sight. And much like A Quiet Place‘s producers teased initially, the team behind the first Bird Box decided to go global and explore how the apocalyptic incident affected other parts of the world and other societies.

In July 2023, Netflix released Bird Box Barcelona, set in the title Spanish city and starring an international ensemble that may not be as known as Sandra Bullock in North America.

It’s just the latest example of Netflix going global with its productions and yet another sign that there is more where that came from. For that, there is reason to believe that there could be a third film on our way.

Bird Box: Barcelona sequel potential release date

We should stress, first of all, that Netflix has not yet greenlit a third film. However, as they double down on their efforts to make more series and movies set in countries and made by people from all over the globe, it’s almost a given that they will be doing so.

In fact, because the North American actors and writers’ guilds are on strike, no major studio, including Netflix, can currently develop any new project. But that doesn’t mean Netflix can’t go to Thailand, hire writers there, and film the movie with local actors.

For that reason, it’s very possible they will be fast-tracking films and sub-franchises that have a global impact, and we could get a new film on the platform as soon as late 2025 or 2026.

Bird Box: Barcelona sequel cast – who might be in it?

The beautiful thing about the Bird Box movies is that they can cast whoever they want, and they don’t have to have any ties to previous iterations. But because I’ll be pitching a South Korea-based sequel next, I’d throw any names from the Squid Game cast into the mix.

Bird Box: Barcelona sequel plot: what could Bird Box 3 be about?

With Bird Box, we visited North America, and with Barcelona, we went to Europe. What if we went to Asia next? I’d be fascinated to see what Bird Box: Seoul would look like. How does that culture take in such an apocalyptic event?

I’m not gonna pretend like I know a whole lot about it and speculate, which is precisely why, if I were Netflix, I would like to hear pitches from local filmmakers who have lived in that society their whole lives and can speak to that.

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