Murderville season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 3, 2022
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Netflix Murderville season 1, episode 6 - The Cold Case - the ending explained


If the first season of Murderville has done anything, it has provided the audience with a hint at what it could become. 

This recap of Netflix’s Murderville season 1, episode 6, “The Cold Case” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Murderville season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

Following the cliffhanger in episode 5 of Murderville, Terry learns that the phone call was because Lori’s dry cleaning needed picking up. (Apparently, the dry cleaners have a very strict pick-up rule after 15 years). Regardless, it still brings about a lead in Lori’s cold case! Inside Lori’s jacket is a notebook that’s primarily written in code. Whilst Rhonda agrees to look into it, she also introduces him to his new partner, Ken Jeong.

And as you likely guessed, it’s not long before Lori’s murder investigation gets reopened. Terry, Ken, and Rhonda revisit the crime scene. From the evidence already collected, they learn that the murder weapon is a professional-grade hunting knife; whilst there’s also a cracked lens, a James Taylor concert ticket, a four-leaf clover pin, and a mystery card with three pieces cut off. Terry puts the card into Lori’s notebook, and it highlights the name of the three suspects! 

The first suspect is Seamus Doyle, a former enforcer for the Irish mob and currently in prison. Ken goes undercover as a new inmate, Victor “Boomboom” Santiago. Whilst undercover, Ken learns that Seamus (full name Seamus Flannery 0’Connell O’Sullivan Murphy Doyle) was a sniper, and that is his only way to kill. 

Moreover, the second suspect is Rebecca Hendricks. She was the developer of the new Monterey Towers condo project. But she is now famous as one of the stars of the investment show “Den of Snakes”. Terry and Ken go undercover. They pose as contestants with “Ice Breakerz”. Whilst on the show, Rebecca “reveals” that her maiden name is O’Leary. With a claim that she helps others, Rebecca fails to see the potential in “Ice Breakerz” and turns down their pitch. 

And finally, it’s time for suspect three: Donald Barton, aka the commissioner. Ken sneaks into his office and searches his desk, where he finds cracked glasses, a taser, and a daily planner that has the 2006 folder missing. When Donald unexpectedly arrives, Ken listens in as Donald states that he can’t handle large crowds and hates when people cry. Once Ken’s cover gets broken, Terry enters and reveals that Donald is a suspect in Lori’s murder.

The ending

With the investigation over, all suspects get lured to the Monterey Towers. Once there, Ken reveals that he believes that the killer is Donald! He reveals to Rhonda that Donald has broken glasses, a planner with 2006 missing, and a hunter’s license. But is Ken right? No! The killer is Rebecca! Rhonda explains that Rebecca wears glasses, has Irish inheritance, and has hunting supply stores. It could not have been Barton as he only wore reading glasses, and as he can not handle large crowds, he would not go to a James Taylor concert. As for Seamus, he uses a sniper rifle, so he must have perfect vision. 

Ken gets fired! Rebecca explains that she killed Lori as she was getting in the way of developing the Monterey Towers. But Terry then realizes Rebecca enlisted Seamus into scaring an entire community into moving and that she paid Barton off so that the police would look the other way. So all three suspects are arrested!

As the first season of Murderville concludes, Terry asks Rhonda to rethink their divorce. She will not. Instead, Rhonda tells Terry that she and Daz are moving into the Monterey Towers. So Terry tells Ken there is only one thing to do, investigate how to get “Ice Breakerz” off the ground.

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