Who died in Murderville season 1?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 3, 2022
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Who died in Murderville season - netflix series

This article, “Who died in Murderville season 1,” contains significant spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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With a title like Murderville, there’s inevitably going to be some deaths along the way! With one murder per episode, here is a list of who met their maker.

Who died in Murderville season 1?


The very first victim! Sarah gets sawn in half at the public library. Her murderer was Magic Melvin, who reveals that “I only murdered her cause I wanted her dead.” Fair play.

Cora Worthington

The 84-year-old doll designer was murdered with one of her dolls! And while the killer got spotted on CCTV, it was unclear which one of her three identical sons it was. In the end, “Triplet Homicide” reveals that her son Chester, who lives in a bunker and has little to do with the family, is responsible for her death.

Seth Gourley

A self-made billionaire who created the website Faceplace. After a CD-ROM got buried in Seth’s carotid artery and a note that reads “see you in hell” was shoved in his mouth, the investigation led Terry to his high school reunion. Former ultimate frisbee thrower Brad Torker gets revealed to be his killer.

Alistair Hall

The chief health inspector is found face dead in his poisoned soup. While it becomes apparent that Alistair wasn’t the nicest person, it’s kindergarten killer Ms Anya Campbell who decides to use poison from a Columbian frog and silence him forever.

Sebastian Pierce

Although Sebastian has his heart ripped out and stomped on, Amber still believes that his corpse is the best-looking one she has seen. Ultimately, it is Dr Will Gonzalez who killed Sebastian. His motive is likely because of his wife’s affair with Sebastian.

Lori Griffin

Finally, the last victim of Murderville is Terry Seattle’s former partner. Whilst she got murdered 15 years ago, her death left its mark on Terry. Although “Den of Snakes” star Rebecca Hendricks is the killer, the two other suspects, Seamus Doyle and Donald Barton, are also arrested for being part of the conspiracy that resulted in Lori’s death.

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