Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a season 2 of Murderville?

February 3, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 1
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This article discusses whether there will be season 2 of the Netflix series Murderville and its renewed or cancelled status.

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As Murderville gets based on the BBC Three show Murder in Successville that ran for three seasons, is it a safe bet to assume that Murderville will last just as long?

Murderville brings comedy mixed in with suspense and guesswork to the police crime show. But is the weird/quirky format going to be enough to assure that the American Netflix series will return for a second season?

Our view

We didn’t give Muderville a favourable review (2.5 stars) — our consensus was:

While it starts strange, Murderville begins to find its feet by the end of the first season. Murderville is pretty much like a combination of Whose Line is it Anyway? and any other police drama show out there. As a whole, this series is light, short, and it provides a few laughs along the way. It’s an interesting format that with a little more work, could become Netflix’s big hit. 

Will there be a season 2 of the Netflix series Murderville – renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC.

Currently, there is no clear answer as to what the future of Murderville will be. It seems that it’s going to depend on the viewers response and whether enough people watch it.

Lead actor Will Arnett, who plays Senior Homicide Detective Terry Seattle, has stated he’d love to make more seasons of the show, yet it purely depends on what the reaction is going to be. 

Once Murderville and the audience have their say, it’ll be easier to predict what could happen. As for now, the answer is unknown! But if you enjoyed Murderville, tell your family and friends to watch it! You’ll never know, maybe they’ll be helping ensure there’s a second season!

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  • February 8, 2022 at 2:07 am

    Weird and quirky for sure. but very entertaining. I’m hoping for a second season!

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