Suspicion season 1, episode 2 recap – “Room for Doubt”

February 4, 2022
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Another good episode. For now, it’s anyone’s guess as to who could be involved in Leo’s kidnapping.

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Another good episode. For now, it’s anyone’s guess as to who could be involved in Leo’s kidnapping.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 2, “Room for Doubt,” contains spoilers.

Suspicion episode 2 recap

The second episode of Suspicion begins with a quick flashback of the three suspects, Tara, Aadesh, and Natalie, in a New York bar where Sean is also present. In the present day, Tara, Aadesh, and Natalie are all in prison cells.

7.58pm (GBT). Whilst the three suspects are asked if they know who Sean is, Natalie turns down legal representation. And Aadesh asks if it’s some form of a joke. Meanwhile, in Bangor, Sean wakes up his Grandad. During questioning, Natalie talks to Detective Vanessa about her stay in New York. Natalie claims she got drunk and went back to the hotel through a side door. (Which just happens to have no CCTV footage). Back home, Monique finds Natalie’s hidden phone and a stash of money.

Detective Vanessa quizzes Aadesh about his ties to Katherine Newman. We learn that his trip to New York was related to the company (Cooper Newman) that Katherine is president of. Similarly, Tara’s trip to New York was because of a conference related to Cooper Newman. Tara claims it was corporate PR, and as she was jet-lagged, she missed the opening and skipped the drinks/gala dinner. (Which, incidentally means she didn’t meet Katherine or Leo.) She further explains that as she can’t sleep, she often goes for a walk during the night. 

In Bangor, Sean goes to the docks and wakes up his married lover Nicola. After they kiss, they sail out further into the water. Tara has further questions, with Detective Vanessa bringing up how Tara “protested” Leo’s attendance at the university and even leaked it to the media. Furthermore, as Leo is a student at the university (as a college investigation proves he’s there on merit), he has several lecture notes from Tara’s classes, which disputes Tara’s claims that she never had any contact with Leo.

After Monique hides Natalie’s objects, Leo gets leaked as the victim of the kidnapping on the internet, and Sean ties Nicola up on the boat. As Detective Vanessa and Special Agent Scott have very little evidence to hold the suspects for much longer, Scott decides to sit in during the questioning. Although, Vanessa will be the only one to ask questions. 

The ending

But it doesn’t take long before Scott starts to ask questions, and whilst Aadesh claims to have slept in the hotel, records show that he rented a porno. With footage from the New York bar showing that Aadesh went into the public toilets straight after Sean. Additionally, Scott and Vanessa claim that Aadesh’s criminal records (from hacking the exam board in college) suggest that Aadesh has the skill to be involved in Leo’s kidnapping.

Scott leaves the boat, and once he reaches dry land, he blows the boat up. (Poor Nicola). Afterward, at a petrol station, Sean injures (possibly kills) a civilian and steals their car, all in view of CCTV. The three suspects learn that they can leave in 30 minutes. Great news! But it’s a ploy by Vanessa. She releases the three of them simultaneously, and she and Scott watch them from several CCTV cameras across London. And guess who else is in London! Sean. 

In the closing moments of “Room for Doubt”, Suspicion switches to Washington, where a meeting is going ahead. Although, instead, the audio gets hacked. And footage of Leo being held captive appears with the message, “tell the truth Katherine, or your son dies with the whole world watching”. 

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