Suspicion season 1, episode 5 recap – “What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 25, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 5, "What Does a Kidnapper Look Like


The five suspects hide out together, with the effects of Monique’s death taking its toll on Natalie. Tension is high between the characters, with the question remaining as to who could be involved in Leo’s kidnapping. Does the ending answer who that individual is?

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 5, “What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?” contains spoilers.

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Suspicion season 1, episode 5 recap

After Monique’s death in the previous episode, the suspects ride in Sean’s car. Obviously traumatized, Natalie opens the car door, forcing the others to drag her back in. Sean reminds the suspects that he is their only help and takes them to a house within the woods. Once inside, Sean fails to log into a laptop whilst he claims he is being set up as Leo’s kidnapper. 

As Tara grows upset over killing someone, Natalie recognizes Sean as the man on the bike (tension!) and realizes he is the individual that has been blackmailing her for two years. Next, Eddie collapses from his injury, and whilst Sean tends to him, Aadesh turns on his phone (likely a big mistake). Meanwhile, Sean informs Tara that he notices she has no issue using a gun.

After Sean and Tara convince a neighbor, David, that they are relatives of the owner (a writer), Natalie locks herself in the bathroom and aims the gun at her head. She pulls the trigger, but luckily, the safety is on. Although it would appear that this seemingly rules Natalie out as being involved in Leo’s kidnapping as Sean questions whether she knew the safety was on. Was this a performance from Natalie?

Tara reveals that she didn’t tell Vanessa and Scott everything when she got arrested. She failed to mention that she started an online campaign against Leo, and even when threatened with losing her job, reputation, and family, she carried on. In turn, Daisy was taken from music practice. And a few hours later, she received a call saying that Daisy was fine. Sean knows the story, as it would appear he has been the cause of similar situations. 

With Sean voicing the importance of the laptop, Aadesh hacks into the laptop and finds a video of Martin Copeland (the latest CEO of Cooper Newman) talking about Erin Cresswell. Although the act proves helpful, it does suggest that Aadesh is a lot more than a carpet salesman. The moment the conversation turns to the secret server, Aadesh claims to see movement outside. As the group inspects the noise, Sean prevents Aadesh from using his phone. During that time, Tara quizzes Eddie about Oxford professors, to which he is unable to offer clear answers. Sean drags Aadesh inside of the house, an act seen by the neighbor David. 

The ending

When the suspects scold Aadesh for trying to make a call, Aadesh reveals that he got an interview with Cooper Newman by hacking them. In that interview, which was in New York, Martin came to see Aadesh in person. Upon Sean deciding that he will find and speak to Martin, Natalie tells him that she wants to go. The news continues to report on the kidnapping, with support split between Katherine and the five suspects. For that reason, Tara comes up with the idea of all five of them going to America. Aka, the five most wanted people in the UK should try to cross one of the most secure borders in the world. 

In the closing moments of “What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?”, Sean lures David into a trap, where he learns that the police are on their way. Because of this, the five suspects flee. But as they drive Eddie messages an unknown contact with the message, “on move with all 4”.

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