Through My Window ending explained – what happened to the relationship of Ares and Raquel?

February 5, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Through My Window and will contain spoilers. 

A romantic drama about the young adults Ares and Raquel is too cliched and exhaustive. Based on the novel of the same name, the film deals with the romance between this boy and girl, who belong to two entirely opposite spectrums of society. Plotwise there is nothing much to give us in the first place. It is quite a straightforward narrative and we all know what will happen in the end: a happy ending and the lovebirds will be together. But the question arises, does their relationship sustain in the end?

Towards the end of the movie, it shows that Ares rebels against his family and tries to express his love for Raquel. He goes to the prom night to persuade her to come into his life. Raquel, who lost all hopes of getting Ares’s love, tries to forget him. At that moment his mother tells him to try hard to achieve what she loves. She tells her not to end up being like her father, who was a good writer but afraid of publishing his work. So, Raquel goes to the prom as well waiting for Ares to come.

Ares eventually arrives at the place and faces Yoshi. Yoshi was Raquel’s best friend and his wannabe husband. Yoshi was madly in love with Raquel. But as she wants Ares by her side, Yoshi feels ditched. He warns her about the playboy-ish nature of  Ares. But she did not hear his advice. But he harbors a deep resentment towards Ares. So by seeing him, he starts a brawl with him. Which leads them to the swimming pool. There accidentally, Yoshi knocks down Ares into the pool.

Netflix film Through My Window ending explained

But Yoshi realizes Ares’s love for Raquel. He rushes to find her to tell her about Ares. After finding Raquel, he reveals their standoff and the fall of Ares into the pool. After hearing that she rushes towards the pool to rescue him as he has an allergy to chlorine. She rescues him from the situation but he suffers a severe anaphylactic shock.

But soon, he recovers from that and accepts Raquel’s love. This incident changes the priority of Ares’s parents and they understand the love between them. Also, they let him study medicine in the best medical school in Stockholm as his wish. It is quite a sad moment for Raquel and Ares as they don’t get the chance to stay together for the time of the study. But after all these, they find their true love and Raquel writes their love story into a novel, which gets a lot of appreciation.

The film ends with Ares sex chats with Raquel and instructs her to feel he is there. While doing so, Raquel finds that he is eventually there in her room. They giggle with their own stupidity and make love. And, the film ends.

It is quite obvious that their relationship sustains with all the bumpy ups and downs. And, in the end, they become together (though it becomes so obvious). Their bond is so strong that everyone fails to set them apart. Maybe it is called made for each other.

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