The Privilege review – “it’s here” and its bonkers

February 10, 2022
Jordan Lyon 0
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Netflix film The Privilege


Overall, The Privilege has a crazy but entertaining plot. Its mixture of genres makes an eccentric watch.

This review of the Netflix film The Privilege does not contain any spoilers.

In this German Netflix film, there’s definitely a lot that unfolds that can only be described as a supernatural horror blended with the teen romantic drama genre. The opening scene provides just a small hint of the craziness that is about to occur on screen. 

In The Privilege, the lead character Finn (Max Schimmelpfennig) is seriously disturbed following the violent death of his sister, Anna, when he was a young child. As the trauma gradually begins to increase as Finn reaches the final six months of school and after the death of one of his friends, he begins to wonder whose secrets are lurking.

What would have helped improve The Privilege would have been if it had been a limited series. Even though the film runs for close to two hours, it doesn’t feel enough for all the crazy plots and twists that occur. If viewers had longer (say eight 45-minute episodes) to be with the characters, there could have been less room for confusion with more reasoning given for characters’ actions/motives. And I personally believe, that as a limited series it could have been a bigger hit.

In The Privilege, as stated above, a lot goes down! Honestly, it’s bonkers what the makers have packed into the film! Not everything makes total sense and a teenage audience may be more forgiving to some of the questioning plots. Regardless of that, the film is VERY entertaining. Something is always around the corner, and it’s fun to see where the film takes the audience.

One of the major highlights of The Privilege is seeing Max Schimmelpfennig take the lead role in the film. For those who watched and loved Dark (2017-2020), he played Young Noah/Noah in 1921. I haven’t seen Max in any other roles since Dark, so it was great to finally see him in a different role. In conclusion, The Privilege will get enjoyed more if it isn’t taken seriously. It doesn’t have the strongest plot, nor the strongest set of characters. However, it is really entertaining, and that’s all we can want from a film.

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