The Privilege ending explained – what happened to Samira?

February 10, 2022
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The article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Privilege, so it will contain spoilers.

The Privilege begins with a younger Finn, who after being left alone with his older sister Anna (Caroline Hartig), learns that something is freaking out his sister. With what is causing her to freak out not revealed, Anna drives her and Finn away from the house. Once outside and on a bridge, Anna tries to trick Finn into falling to his death with her. But, despite being a young child, Finn luckily manages to save himself before Anna falls to her death. The effects of the event and seeing her corpse seriously mess Finn up. Several years later, in the present day, Finn (Max Schimmelpfennig) is on medication to cope with the trauma, although his nurse does remind him that he belongs to a privileged generation.

With six months left of school, Finn lusts over Samira (Tijan Marei), although he doesn’t act on it. At a party for the students, Finn’s best friend Lena (Lea van Acken) encourages him to make a move on her. He doesn’t get the chance to speak to Samira, however, as instead he takes drugs. This causes Finn to have flashbacks to Anna’s death, and the party scene abruptly ends.

Finn’s sister Sophie (Milena Tscharntke) dumps her boyfriend Ramin (Rojan Juan Barani) in a public display before she has a funny turn and collapses whilst at school. Afterward, Ramin tries to visit Sophie, but when she refuses to see him, Ramin asks Finn to meet him at a late-night diner. Whilst he waits for Finn, a supernatural lure leads Ramin to his death. The police believe Ramin’s death is down to suicide because of the effects of the drugs from their “secret parties”.

Afterwards, Finn notices a worm inside of her medication. After it continues to grow, he shows the worm to his biology teacher. The teacher reveals that the worm is very uncommon and usually grows on dead bodies. And so, she gives Finn and Lena the number for Eliska, who tells Finn that the pills are extremely dangerous.

Just before his Grandfather goes in for surgery, he tells Finn about the time he saved a boy from an exorcism. Finn’s visions continue, with Eliska eventually coming to Finn’s house to perform the exorcism. However, during the ritual, a creature appears and warns them that everyone will die. The ritual ends when Finn’s parents return home. Afterward, with Finn, Lena, and Samira all aware of impending danger, all have a threesome.

The following morning at school Leander (Maurice Lattke) goes to the roof of the school and screams “take it out of me” before he leaps off the roof. Before Leander dies, he alerts Finn and Samira to a folder. Inside the folder are documents that detail that Finn, Sophie, and Anna are adopted, whilst Samira got adopted after her biological parents sold her.

Netflix film The Privilege ending explained

Meanwhile, Lena finds Eliska among several corpses that grow the deadly fungus. After Finn’s grandfather dies, he and Samira are knocked unconscious before being taken back to his house. Once they awake, Samira’s mother tends to them before she takes Finn to a secret basement. Also down there and dressed in robes are Finn’s parents and Sophie. Here, they reveal that they intend to kill Finn so that the Grandfather can take over his body.

Just as the “transition” goes ahead, Lena finds Samira. Shortly afterward, and during the “transition”, Lena pours petrol on those dressed in robes and sets them on fire before she frees Finn. As they flee the house, Finn sets the gas on and causes the house to blow up. As Samira drives up, Sophie reappears and begs, “Don’t let me die like Anna”.  But they’re not to be fooled, and they run Sophie over. As they drive away, and state that they will go somewhere that no one will know them, several bugs appear in the car. They crash at the same spot that Anna died, and just as Finn saves Samira and Lena, the car falls off the edge and explodes, seemingly killing the bugs in the process.

In the closing moments of The Privilege, Finn, Lena, and Samira inspect a billboard that advertises the same drug that caused Finn to be ill. Then, to the audience, Samira shows that she has white eyes, aka under the influence of the creatures.

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