Inventing Anna season 1 – who is Todd Spodek?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 11, 2022
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Who is Todd Spodek in Inventing Anna season 1 - netflix series

This article, “who is Todd Spodek” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1.

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Who is Todd Spodek in Inventing Anna season 1?

Todd Spodek is Anna’s lawyer. He has said that his aim during the trial was to convince the jury that Anna’s attempt to steal/con people out of their money was too incapable/incompetent for there to be any reason for Anna to get punished.

Due to Anna’s crazy and aloof personality, she soon drives Todd crazy, even to the point that he avoids her (many) calls. The tension between him and Anna peaks during the trial when it appears that Anna is more interested in creating a fashion show than the trial itself. As the trial takes over his life, he has many arguments with his wife. His wife, Margaret, feels that he pays more attention to Anna than his family.

What does Todd Spodek do?

Once Anna gets arrested for her crimes, she hires Todd as her lawyer. (Although, at first, Anna believes that his past client was Alec Baldwin and not his stalker Genevieve Sabourin). With Todd at the front and center of the trial, it doesn’t take long before he meets journalist Vivian. And with very little to work with, he purposely leaves his desk unattended. Which allows Vivian to start research into Anna. 

During the trial, he maintains his argument that Anna didn’t commit a crime. Instead, Todd says that those who spent money on Anna did so because they wanted the lifestyle. With people wanting to believe that Anna was an heiress, he argues that those who fell for the lie did so because they weren’t doing their jobs properly. In the process, he manages to “shade” a number of individuals, such as David Morrison. However, none more so than Rachel DeLoache Williams. Rachel, who is very much trying to appear like the victim during the trial, gets exposed by Todd for selling her “traumatic experience” to three separate people to the sum of $630,000. 

With Anna’s trial going on longer than expected, it causes friction between him and his wife when it ruins their only vacation of the year. Ultimately, when Anna gets found guilty for eight out of ten charges he still decides to stay with Anna. Whilst it was a loss for Anna, Todd still managed to win two of the big charges (Rachel and City National). As a result, Todd becomes the defender of choice for fraudsters. Although in 2019, after a health scare, he decides to spend more time with his family and finally takes a vacation. 

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