Inventing Anna season 1 – who is Rachel DeLoache Williams?

February 11, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 1
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This article, “who is Rachel DeLoache Williams” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1.

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Who is Rachel DeLoache Williams in Inventing Anna season 1?

A Vanity Fair picture researcher, Rachel starts the series as one of Anna’s friends and enjoys the lifestyle that Anna brings. Although, by the end of Inventing Anna, she is no longer friends with Anna, with other characters such as Neff and Kacy turning their backs on Rachel.

As Rachel has to front a bill for $62,000 for an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco, she plays a big part in Anna’s arrest. And, subsequently, her trial. Whilst she claims to love Anna, many, including Neff and Scott, question Rachel’s claims. Scott would later go on to prove that Rachel gained more than she lost from meeting Anna. 

What does Rachel DeLoache Williams do?

After forming a friendship with Anna, Rachel and her boyfriend Noah go on a trip to Morocco with her. The “all-expenses-paid” trip initially starts well. But, when Anna is unable to pay, Rachel uses her card as a “hold” to ensure they’re not arrested. With growing tensions at La Mamounia continuing, Anna claims that she is unwell, and both she and Noah leave Anna alone in Morocco. 

Once Rachel is back in America, her cards get maxed out. Even worse, a charge appears on her Vanity Fair card. Subsequently, she begs Anna to wire her the money. When Anna only sends her $5,000, Noah suggests going to the authorities. But Rachel is reluctant at first, due to “Trump’s America”. Eventually, Rachel manages to contact Anna, who claims she will hand her a check. Rachel goes to meet Anna at her hotel, but once there, she finds Anna has fled. At the hotel, a member of staff hints that Anna owes the hotel money as well.

As Rachel is in debt and could potentially lose her job, she is part of a sting operation against Anna. When the case gains the interest of journalist Vivian, she desperately tries to contact Rachel. Rachel, however, has no social media presence, and since she has already sold her story to Vanity Fair and painted herself as the victim, Rachel continues to ghost Vivian. 

When Anna’s trial reaches the media’s attention, Rachel only has Kacy by her side. However, after Rachel speaks at the stand, her image of a “victim” falls into tatters. Anna’s lawyer, Scott, exposes Rachel for getting $630,000 in book deals due to her “friendship” with Anna. He goes on to claim that she “found, friended, and turned Anna into the police”, with Rachel using the opportunity to advance her career as a writer. 

In the conclusion of Inventing Anna, Anna is found not guilty of theft towards Rachel. In the aftermath of the trial, Kacy ends her friendship with Rachel, saying she wants to cut out any “pain in the a*s clients”. Rachel would go on to write “My Friend Anna”, which got voted one of Times Mag 100 best books of 2019.

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