Space Force season 2, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

By M.N. Miller
Published: February 18, 2022
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Netflix Space Force season 2, episode 7 - The Hack - the ending explained


Did Greg Daniels cancel his show? Either way, Space Force‘s finale is no Martinique, nor has that Montserrat mystique as the final episode aimlessly floats to the finish.

This recap of Netflix’s Space Force season 2, episode 7, “The Hack,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

Space Force season 2, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

In a scene that tickled my funny bone, an example of perfect casting, “F**k” Tony’s father is played by Jon Lovitz.

It seems like the second season may be mimicking the inevitable cancellation of the Netflix comedy series Space Force. All the characters are making plans to leave. See below:

We also see that Dr. Chan Kaifang unveils to Dr. Mallory SpaceX offered him the job. He tells him to take the job. It’s five times the money and half the bureaucratic bullshit. He walks away, mumbling under his breath about SpaceX not offering him the job when a dozen bags of candy come pouring out of the vending machine when he only paid for one.

Tony has a job offer to run social media platforms for Addison Rae’s new makeup line. He goes over this with General Brad Gregory, as they both take seats of joints discussing their futures.

Erin wants to continue her gap year in Portugal.

Captain Angela Ali is thinking of making a change. Angela wants to leave Space Force. She wants to get into real estate and fly helicopter tours back in Hawaii. She rides down in an elevator with Chan, and the power goes out. They now finally have an honest conversation. They tell each other their fringe, clear the air, and she kisses him.

For the last time?

Someone has taken over a spaceship named Blue Oyster Cult. The boat is no longer under the control of the Space Force. The spacecraft is over Russia. This, along with individual appliances malfunctioning and then the power going out at headquarters, the team thinks it must be a Russian hack job. To crash the ship in their homeland to embarrass the United States and further cement Space Force’s reputation of incompetence.

The team writes out a script to pretend the ship crashed would be a disaster where millions of people could die if it hits the Russian land in the hopes of the Russians relinquishing control of the boat. The scheme works, and whoever turned off their power has given Space Force control of the command center again. When Chan leverages the thrusters to pull Blue Oyster Cult away from crashing, he sees the entire system going through an update. This means I believe Apple is a sponsor because Mallory screams, “F**k Microsoft, f**k!”

Now that’s funny.

The ending

Dr. Mallory takes a pen and paper to do the calculations by hand. They input them, and Chan tries to control Blue Oyster Cult’s inner Repear with the arrow buttons on the keyboard, but it is not up to the task. Angela, who has avoided anything to do with flying, jumps in and puts the ship back in orbit.

And yet somehow, all of Space Force gets renewed even though they didn’t accomplish much in those four months, and everyone gets a raise. Chan passes on SpaceX in the hopes Angela will stay. She tries to quit, but Captain Ali is promoted to Major. Even Erin stays so she can go work for Forestry in Colorado.

The final scene has the team together again. As they are given access to Hawaii’s powerful space satellite, they encounter a vast speeding asteroid hurtling towards earth.

They start to sing Kokomo by the Beach Boys to calm their fears.

What did you think of Netflix’s Space Force season 2, episode 7, and the ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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