Story Recap – what happened in Space Force season 2?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 18, 2022
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Story Recap – what happened in Space Force season 2 - netflix series

This is a story recap of Netflix’s Space Force season 2 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

I used to think there was nothing Greg Daniels could not do. Then I watched the second season of Space Force, a season so light on anything of comic value, it has the feel of a show about nothing with the result of nothing. Each passing episode creates senioritis. In fact, with a shortened seven-episode sophomore season it feels like it was cut short by being canceled. After a critically drubbed season from creators Greg Daniels (The Office) and Steve Carell, they returned with a limited cast. Not to mention almost wholly abandoning a solid sense of satire for, you guessed it, “office” escapades. 

Here is a story recap of what happened in Space Force season 2.

Story Recap – what happened in Space Force season 2?

Episode 1- “The Inquiry”

The first episode, “The Inquiry,” is about a hearing over General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) defying a direct order. What was it? He was told to attack the Chinese on the moon in the Sea of Tranquility mainly because it was wrong. The rest because some crazed dirt bikers were chasing his daughter in the Colorado desert. The head of the Air Force, General Grabaston, anticipates that he will absorb Space Force, and Naird will be going to prison to join his wife for treason. Instead, the Secretary (Tim Meadows) fires Grabaston and gives Naird four months to cement his stance as the leader and save Space Force ultimately. 

Episode 2- “Budget Cuts”

The second episode, “Budget Cuts,” has a great cameo from comic Patton Oswalt as an astronaut traveling to Mars only to have his mission cut short because of budget cuts. This episode also establishes as the series shifts to a workplace “office” comedy reminiscent of the “Office Olympics” with weaker than expected results. Also, Captain Angela Ali continues to have flashbacks of her missions, and apparently, they ate the bird.

Episode 3- “The Chinese Delegation

The third episode, “The Chinese Delegation”, brings General Gao and Mark together to discuss the ownership of the moon and the resources they mined there. Gao’s real plan is to get Naird drunk and take the entire moon for the pride of China. The scene plays out as they relate to each other about their children. This allows Naird to propose they split everything, the Sea of Tranquility and the resources discovered there, down the middle. 

Episode 4- “The Europa Project”

The fourth episode, “The Europa Project,” is a meandering episode that tries some “office” hijinks and is only amusing at best. General Naird and Dr. Mallory (John Malkovich) are told that NASA will be helming The Europa Project, and NASA will only assist if needed. What is the project? A red-state senator wants a defense plan for outer space alien invasion (not Mexico). In the end, Mark becomes part of the group by pretending an alien attacked him. Also, Maggie serves Mark with divorce papers from prison.

Episode 5- “Mad (BUFF) Confidence”

“Mad (BUFF) Confidence” is the fifth episode with Space Force working with the brightest teenage minds to develop something similar to BattleBots and see who comes out the winner. Each child was paired with a Space Force mentor, including Angela and Chan. This allows their romantic tensions to grow. This episode is light on the plot and shockingly light on shenanigans. Here, Todd has Mad Buff Energy Drink sponsoring the event and wants them to give money to re-up the mission to Mars. Naird and Todd see they do not have honorable intentions and pass on the promotion.

Episode 6 & 7- “The Doctor’s Appointment,” & “The Hack”

The final two episodes have the team preparing for their cover story for Time Magazine. It turns out they were duped. The cover reads, “Is it worth the cost?” The season ends with Space Force being hacked by the Russians. They take over a ship named “The Blue Oyster Cult” in the hopes of crashing the ship on Russian land to bring shame to the powerful United States space program. They manage to trick the Russians into giving back control to the Americans. And Angela saves the day flying the ship back into orbit after refusing to pass since coming back to Earth.

After saving the day, Space Force is given a reprieve, and so has General Naird. They now have control of the mighty space satellite in Hawaii as they celebrate. The team spotted a humungous asteroid hurtling towards the planet. They begin to harmonize Kokomo with the Beach Boys to calm their fears.

I can only assume Daniels just canceled his series.

And there you go, a story recap of Space Force season 2 and what happened. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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