Fresh (2022) ending explained – does Noa or Steve make it out alive?

By Ricky Valero
Published: March 4, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
Hulu film Fresh (2022) ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Fresh (2022), so will contain major spoilers.

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We saw Steve wine and dine Noa throughout the early stages of the film up until the point where she becomes just smitten enough that he uses her as his next victim. With that happening and both of them ending up getting the upper hand in the latter part of the film, does Noa survive? What about Steve? Who survived at the end of Fresh?

Although Steve made Noa one of his victims, he really cares about her and we see Noa take advantage of these feelings once she notices that she isn’t just another victim. He begins to break down the entire plan of how he chops up the bodies, showing her how he cooks it and even one night having a candlelit dinner with her. Noa plays the game well at the dinner, buying into the food (humans) they are eating, talking up Steve like she is interested in understanding more of why he is doing what he is doing.

Hulu film Fresh (2022) ending explained

A beautiful montage of dancing and soon-to-be lovemaking, with Steve as vulnerable as ever, Noa takes a big bite of Steve’s privates and makes a run for it. Noa breaks her friend Mollie free and upon this happening, Steve recovers and fights the two ladies. Finally, after an intense battle, the ladies are able to break free.

As Steve is begging Noa to come back, his wife returns and realizes that there is a MASSIVE mess needing to be cleaned up. As he walks through the woods, he gets jumped by one of the ladies and they start to beat him to death until Noa grabs a gun and puts a bullet in his head. The ladies are still stuck and unable to go anywhere, so Noa goes back to get help, leading to a meeting with Steve’s wife.

We know, but Noa doesn’t know that she is in on this entire plan with Steve and attacks Noa, who is on the verge of killing her as Mollie comes back and puts a sledgehammer in the back of her head and ends her life. So we see that Noa survives next to Mollie, who are together, beaten down, leaning on a tree as the movie plays off with ‘Heads Will Roll’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing in the background.

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