Fresh (2022) review – a tasteful thriller you won’t want to miss

March 3, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)
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Hulu film Fresh (2022)


Sebastian Stan gives a career-defining performance as Fresh is an incredibly written and directed thriller.

This review of the Hulu film Fresh (2022) does not contain spoilers. 

The film opens by highlighting some people’s struggles with finding their true love with modern-day technology. Whether it’s the awkwardness of bad dates, the battle of having a simple conversation, or finding someone who even has the small things in common with you, Noa (Daisy Edgar Jones) is about to give up. Well, that was until there was a day at the supermarket where she runs into Steve (Sebastian Stan), who, with a cheesy pickup line, delights Noa and her interests.

Like we do when we are smitten with anyone, the pair begins to do everything together and explore the finer things in life. But, Steve has a mystery around him that brings some questions to the forefront by Noa’s friend. He isn’t on social media, she never goes to his house and Steve is so off the grid it scares her. Well, shocker, Steve isn’t who he said he was.

From the moment that we see the true side of Steve is the moment we are witnessing a career-defining performance from Sebastian Stan. The way he flipped this switch to become this over-the-top mad man with his arrogance, charisma, and charm, it was so hard to watch Steve do the things he was doing, but my god was it hard to hate this man. It’s one of the best antagonist performances we have seen in a long time. Truly incredible work.

Lauryn Kahn’s script is a haunting look at the dating world that we all live within right now. Of course, not everyone will turn into Steve but how she highlights the fears that men and women have to find someone and how things can be flipped upside down so fast was brilliant. It’s downright scary to watch each moment unfold in front of us. Kahn’s script is brought to life by the directorial debut by Mimi Cave in a way that you would think that this was a director working on their 100th project. She knows how to entice us with every single frame that engulfs us in this world and makes us want to know everything about to come.

My most significant bone to pick with this movie was the everlasting ending. Far too often, a writer/director isn’t sure how to end a film. I often get angry because they overstuff these endings with what I like to call false endings and they forget that subtlety can go a long way.

Regardless of the ending, Fresh is one incredible film that you won’t want to miss. Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar Jones are ELECTRIC together, giving career-best performances.

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