Suspicion season 1, episode 6 recap – “Be the Gray Man”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 4, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 6 - Be the Gray Man


I am enjoying Suspicion, and this episode thrills me. The mystery continues as to who could be involved with Leo’s kidnapping, with many of the characters appearing suspicious on many occasions.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 6, “Be the Gray Man,” contains spoilers.

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Suspicion season 1, episode 6 recap

2.06 am. Every single client has been hacked. Meanwhile, Dora (the dog) runs away from her owner and stumbles upon Monique’s body. Just before they go to Monique’s body, Vanessa lets Scott know that as the suspects weren’t under surveillance (thanks to Scott), they won’t have any idea as to when the five suspects went off the grid. As they inspect the scene that Monique died at, Scott voices his belief that the five suspects are about to flee, and that Vanessa dramatically underestimates them. However, as she notices that the scene is clean, Vanessa starts to question Scott’s true motives.

With the five suspects out in the open, Sean tells them that they must be the grey man/woman. In other words, don’t stand out, remain in a couple, have an objective, and act natural. In New York, support begins to grow for TTT (Tell the Truth). Whilst on the train, Tara suddenly gets off the train and heads towards the police.

Sean and Eddie meet one of Sean’s contacts, with the contact remarking that she hopes he is there with 20k. He tells her that he wants a tracker within the hour. Unlike Tara, Aadesh and Natalie are still on the train. And he builds a farm (to access the account) in an attempt to send the money to Sean. However, the Wifi cuts out. Back to Tara, who didn’t go to the police, meets with her daughter, Daisy (and her student Heather). Tara tells Daisy that some of what she will have heard is true and that she has to go away for a bit.

Sean is in a pickle, and as the money hasn’t been sent through yet, he and Eddie are nearly beaten up. But when Eddie speaks Iranian, to the shock of Sean, Eddie talks the gang out of beating him up. Eventually, the money comes through, and just in time, as Sean and Eddie manage to leave without being killed.

When Natalie and Aadesh leave the train station, TTT hacks the subway board, highlighting how huge the case is. Once Natalie changes her identity (i.e putting a wig on), she calls Joe under the belief that by the law, calls to legal representation can’t be intercepted. Natalie asks Joe to have her Mum, Lidia, meet her on a bench. Whilst Aadesh secretly visits Sonia, her faith in him appears to have gone as she no longer believes him.

The ending

Natalie stops short of meeting her Mum. Which is just as well, as it isn’t her Mum. In reality, it’s an undercover agent. The five suspects meet at the park, where Sean hands them money, passports, and tickets to get to America. When Sean and Tara are alone, he asks her to keep an eye on Eddie. As footage of Aadesh gets found, Vanessa reveals to Scott she has a secret asset: Eddie. The truth is that Eddie’s real name is Liam McKenna, and he works for Vanessa. As a result, when the authorities learn that the five suspects are at the airport, Scott allows them to go through.

Moreover, with Sean, Tara, and Eddie sharing a hotel room, Sean seizes the opportunity to put something in Tara’s boot. But what? In the final moments of the sixth episode of Suspicion, Sean meets with Martin Copeland and informs him that he is “all set”.

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