The Weekend Away ending explained – who is the killer?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 4, 2022
The Weekend Away ending explained - who is the killer?

This article contains major spoilers for The Weekend Away’s ending.

Netflix’s new film The Weekend Away is a mystery thriller starring Leighton Meester, Christina Wolfe, Ziad Bakri, Amar Bukvic, and Luke Norris. The film revolves around the story of two best friends, Beth and Kate, who agree to meet in Croatia for a weekend to spend together for the sake of their strong friendship. But things take an unexpected turn when Kate goes missing. A not unique outline for a thriller, the film still manages to execute things quite drably (read the full article). Still, there are twists and turns coming and going throughout the movie.

The biggest twist comes midway through the film when Kate is found dead, caused by drowning. The police start investigating this murder at their own pace. But Beth is shattered by her best friend’s death and curious to know how she ends up being drowned. Previously, when the body was not found, and the police showed a lack of enthusiasm over her disappearance, Beth recovered the cell phone and the handbag of Kate from the two male escorts Kate had arranged the night of her disappearance with the help of Zain. She goes to the morgue to see Kate for the last time. But she has other intentions too. She puts her (Kate’s) phone over her face, and the phone unlocks.

After unlocking the phone, Beth discovers that Kate and her husband, Rob, have been having an affair for several months. This shatters Kate. She angrily calls Rob, confronting him over the phone. In the heated conversation, Beth expresses her concerns that now the police may suspect her of Kate’s murder after knowing of this extramarital affair. The next day, the police come and arrest her. We come to know that they know everything about the matter. Due to lack of evidence, Beth gets her out from the police with the help of her lawyer, yet her passport is seized.

Back to her apartment, she finds out that her landlord is a pervert and has been spying on every tenant’s private moments. From the older footage of the hidden cameras, she finds out that Kate brought the two escorts while she passed out from drugs that night. They (Kate and the two escorts) had sex together, and when Kate went for a shower, the two escorts stole her bag and mobile phone. An angry Kate went out of the house, took a taxi to follow them. Beth also noticed that she came home sometime after, angrier than the last time by some other car. Beth notes the car number.

The Weekend Away ending explained

Meanwhile, the landlord comes to the home and finds Beth discovers everything. He has a confrontation with her, but Beth escapes. She finds Zain, and together they find the taxi driver, whose taxi Kate rode that night. They come to know that he drops at the police station. Meanwhile, the news shows that the police are finding Beth for the murder of Kate. Right now, the police come there, and Beth notices that the police inspector Pavic’s car is precisely similar to the vehicle Kate used to go home that night. After a chase, Beth confronts Pavic and tells him he knows he killed her. In reply, he says, “She is a s**t,” but accidentally falls from a height and dies. The case closes with Pavic being the killer.

Beth now separates from Rob several times later and shares their child Aster’s custody. When Beth goes to find her spare car keys in the pockets of Rob, she finds a piece of the necklace, which she gifted Kate. She understands Rob is the actual killer. She calls Kovac, the other officer in the case, while confronting Rob. Rob says that Kate was about to tell Beth about their relationship as she thinks what happened between them was a mistake. But Rob opposed that. And this leads to an argument on the seaside. In the heat of the moment, he hit her. She accidentally tripped and fell and banged her head on the stone. After that, she fell on the water, and Rob let her drown to death. Kovac listens to all this conversation and calls the police. In this situation, Beth and Rob have a scuffle. Beth finally hits him on his throat (like Zain told her earlier) and leaves with Aster. In the end, we can see the police cars are coming to arrest Rob, and Beth confidently walks from that place, utterly independent from someone’s shadow.

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