Suspicion season 1, episode 3 recap – “Strangers”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 11, 2022
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Apple TV plus series Suspicion season 1, episode - Strangers


Natalie is at most of the action in this exciting episode from Suspicion, while a long-awaited arrival at the end of the episode could switch up everything.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Suspicion season 1, episode 3, “Strangers,” contains spoilers.

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Suspicion season 1, episode 3 recap

In the latest episode of Suspicion, Katherine Newman breaks down as the media reports on Leo’s kidnapping and the recent request from his kidnappers. While Katherine remains silent, social media does not.

Scott and Vanessa watch the suspect’s every movement, whilst their colleague Owen Neilsen (Ross McCall) goes against Vanessa’s wishes and not only provides a sketch of Sean Tilson but reveals that he is liaising with the UK law enforcement. Just as Natalie returns home, her secret phone gets a text from Sean. But she’s not the one who reads it; Monique does. Once inside, Natalie immediately searches for her secret phone and the stash of money. And when Monique catches her in the act, she demands to know the truth. When Aadesh returns home, he learns that his family had all of their electrical devices taken away, even the Xbox. 

As for Tara, she returns to work where her students are all wearing masks similar to those that the kidnappers wore! She takes it all in good fun, though. Tara’s boss? He doesn’t find the situation remotely funny. He reveals to Tara that the vice-chancellor wants assurances as her arrest could damage the image of the school. After being cornered by Monique into revealing the truth, Natalie and Monique meet at some market. Unbeknownst to them both, Scott and Vanessa are watching them. 

Natalie reveals to Monique that as part of her job she took some efficiencies and moved them into a fund for herself to the sum of 400k. However, the client (Nemus) found out and blackmailed her into paying back double by shifting money from other accounts. She adds that it was mostly electronic, with just a few cash drops. Her visit to New York City was meant to be the last drop, but no one turned up. Natalie and Monique, who secretly has the phone and money still on her, agree to meet outside Natalie’s office in an hour.

Tara leaves several messages to her ex and Daisy’s father, Steve, but it appears that he is ignoring her. A news article of Tara’s arrest appears online, and when it goes viral around campus, it results in her getting suspended. As conspiracy theorists bombard Aadesh at work, Natalie goes to her office and finds that her desk has gotten cleared. But Natalie isn’t there to work. Instead, she cries her way into one of the offices. Once alone, she sneaks onto a computer, confirms all payments, and makes a swift exit. Outside, however, plain-clothed officers wait for her.

Natalie refuses to say a word until she knows that Monique is safe. As Scott and Vanessa watch Monique, they speculate whether Sean could be involved. Monique prepares to meet Sean, unaware that he is close by and preparing to stab her. Just in the nick of time, plain-clothed officers grab Monique and take her in. 

Vanessa tells Natalie that their fraud team has uncovered Natalie’s embezzling scam. And they reveal that the company that Natalie was stealing from is one of Katherine’s companies. As Joe arrives, intending to act as her lawyer, Natalie has him leave; much to Scott’s delight. In return, Natalie and Monique get placed in rooms beside each other. Although, Scott and Vanessa argue over whether the right call had been made. 

The ending

A text comes through to Natalie’s phone. It’s from Sean, “I warned you”. Vanessa orders Natalie to text back. Natalie says that she will, but only if she can speak to Monique afterward. It works. When the two sisters are alone, Natalie reveals that she stole the money so that Monique would be able to attend school in America. In the final moment of “Strangers”, Scott tells Vanessa that there has been a new development. A new suspect, Eddie Walker (Tom Rhys Harries), is also a student at Oxford University. 

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