Life & Beth season 1, episode 7 recap – “Leonard”

March 18, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Leonard can be hilarious, which can be attributed to Kevin Kane’s Matt, but the subplot involving Michael Rapaport is another matter.

This recap of Hulu’s Life & Beth season 1, episode 7, “Leonard,” contains spoilers.

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Life & Beth season 1, episode 7 recap

Do you remember in the pilot episode of Life & Beth where we thought it was strange how oddly interested Matt was in if Beth made a sale? I mean, it has a hint of desperation for a guy who is so confident. Well, we found out why. When Ann accompanies Beth to her apartment, everything is missing except a pile of her clothes. We are talking furniture and appliances all gone. Matt leaves a note about her leaving a key. When Ann and Beth grab bags of clothes in Ann’s car, they see Matt pushing a shopping cart filled with wine. 

Beth follows him, dumping them down a drain under an underpass. It turns out Matt was buying back wine from his clients to make his sales quota and stay on top. He is high from snorting cocaine and lets it slip. He hasn’t paid rent on their apartment in ten months. She is upset because she has no savings, and then Matt pisses himself. This all happened after she was given the promotion in Naples, Florida. Beth also asks why Matt is dumping the wine which is a good question if you think about it. They could sell it and make some money back. Matt’s reply? “I don’t know,” he says.

Her only play is to take the potential Glazer account over for Matt so she can get the sale. She thinks about her father and their visit with him when they went to the mall. Her father runs cons, big and small. So, back to the present day, she visits him in the park and needs his help running a scam on the Glazer Group tonight. He plays Leonard Pacino, as Beth plans to charm the Glazers by alluding to Al Pacino, his cousin. 

They charm them with some Scent of a Woman impression, Pino, and some signature Rapaport charm. (I mean, is there another kind? Yes, there is). Despite her father’s short-term memory loss, she manages to close the deal with the Glazers as an exclusive distributor. Beth already told him her mom died when they met at the park. But he asks again. It’s heartbreaking, but Beth tells him that she is doing fine.

He tells Beth to say hello.

The ending

The show ends with Beth walking out of the restaurant. She sees a group of young women dancing in a fountain to music, kind of like a flash mob. She then calls her boss, Murray, and says she made the sale to the Glazer Group. Murray exclaims that it’s half a million dollars. Beth reminds him that it is $35,00 to her.

Then she quits.


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