Story Recap – what happened in Life & Beth season 1?

March 18, 2022
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This is a story recap of Hulu’s Life & Beth season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Life & Beth is a series that is a departure for comedian Amy Schumer. While drawing experience upon her own life like her relationship with her husband, Chris Fischer, and an injury that left a scar on her leg as a teenager, this is not a Schumer you have seen before. She is grounded and casually funny. However, her experiences as a child in her past have left her making mistakes that could affect her future. There is depth and genuine pathos in her character, and the entire series feels as if it was ripped from the mind of Judd Apatow.

It may be uneven in places and far from perfect, but it’s a unique Amy Schumer experience more profound than she has ever gone before.

Story Recap – what happened in Life & Beth season 1?

Episode 1 – “Pilot”

We meet Beth (Amy Schumer), who works with her boyfriend, Matt (Inside Amy Schumer player, Kevin Kane), at a wine distributing company named, Kerig (not the coffee). After making a sale, she goes clothes shopping with her mother, Jane (the great Laura Benanti). Beth is worried she is again dating married men. This is what she tells her sister, Ann (Deadbeat’s Susannah Flood). Later, when Beth is at karaoke night with her coworkers, she finds out her mother was killed in a car accident.

Episode 2 – “Funeral Proposal”

They have the funeral for Beth and Ann’s mother back in Long Island, where Beth is from. It is a small funeral, and a couple of Beth’s childhood friends are there, including Maya, but her best friend from high school, Liz, is missing. When Beth and Matt leave, she wants to go home, and Matt wants to stop for a drink, over her objections. Her coworkers are there when they enter the bar, and Matt has arranged a flashmob. He then proposes to her, combining a post-funeral party with an engagement party. Matt then makes a speech saying how much Beth’s mom thanked him for being with Beth.

Episode 3 – “Out on the Island”

Beth broke up with Matt the next day. She feels she needs change in her life, including a location. Beth convinces her boss to look at a vineyard in Long Island, mostly because she wants to stay at her mother’s house there for a while. She there meets Michael Cera’s John, a socially awkward yet strangely confident farmer to who she immediately takes a shine.

Beth gets to second base in the flashback scenes with a cute boy named Bobby. Later, she finds out Bobby is taking someone else to the dance. There are also small memories of the other kids laughing at her, explained later. These memories also establish Beth’s close bond with Liz, which adds to the mystery of why they no longer speak.

Episode 4 – “Pancakes”

In flashbacks, Beth and her friends flash the boys. Except Beth takes it too far by also lifting her bra. The boys tease her and say her nipples look like pancakes because of their size. Now back in the present day, Beth has a date with a guy named Travis (Mindhunter’s Jonathan Groff), who all her married friends want to sleep with. Beth, however, finds him to be vain and fake. So, she ends the date early and visits John at a party he is throwing for the 90-year old Elena (June Squib). She loves the overall vibe and likes John even more but finds out he has a girlfriend named Katie.

The show ends with Beth going to Travis’s home for a booty call, but she finds he is a hoarder. Travis tells her that the condom broke when she was about to leave. Beth will stop at the pharmacy for Plan B, and Travis sweetly accompanies her. But he only wants to make sure she takes it. This angers Beth, who tells him off, and is insulted he thinks she was trying to trap him.

Episode 5 – “Fair”

John and Beth continue to grow a strong bond when she helps him farm early in the morning. They later attend a fair together, even though John is still going out with Katie. There, Beth sees an adult Liz. She approaches her and gets an awkward, even cold, welcoming. Even when Liz tells her that her mom died. Liz briefly tells Beth about her family and her son, who is here somewhere. The episode ends with John and Beth having sex on a neighbor’s lawn.

They run and laugh about it after the neighbors see them. But Beth now turns serious. Walking through the dark, the memory of her mother and feeling violated, she yells at John for breaking her trust. The more he apologizes, the more Beth becomes upset. She realizes that John has a girlfriend (he tells her he wants Beth to be his girlfriend), and her mother would often date married men.

Episode 6 – “Boat”

Beth brings Ann to meet John at his home. Finding out that John has a girlfriend doesn’t sit well with Ann because of their mother’s history. However, John informs them that he has dumped Katie by text, who replies to him with a thumbs-up emoji. They spend the day on his boat after taking shrooms. We then get a glimpse of why Beth gave up volleyball. It was a boat accident caused by her father. John then gets a fish hook stuck in his finger. Beth, still high, asks the doctor if John will ever be able to finger again.

Episode 7 – “Leonard”

Beth finds out that Matt has not paid the rent on their apartment for ten months that is still in her name. She finds out that Matt has been doing cocaine, drinking, and been buying back wine from his customers to fudge sales numbers. To pay off the debt, she takes Matt’s top potential client and performs a con game with the help of her father, Leonard (Michael Rapaport). She closes the deal and gets a commission of $35,000. She then quits so she can find her passion.

Episode 8 – “Homegoing”

Beth and John go to Maya’s grandfather’s funeral in the season’s best episode. They fight because John doesn’t dress appropriately, asks blunt questions, and comes across as not respectful of the ceremony. He keeps bringing up how he needs to check on his boat. They fight, she becomes upset and tells him that sometimes John is excellent and feels “completely” alone when she is with him all at once. It is something John cannot explain.

Episode 9 – “MRI” and Episode 10 – “Kiss from a Rose”

In MRI, she uses the device of her taking the test to put all the memories together. We find out that her mom divorces her dad because of the boating accident. We also find out that her mother has an affair with Liz’s father. This effectively ended their friendship, even though Jane dumped him a couple of weeks later. Amy is about to break up with John when she finds his boat floating aimlessly on the water. She overcomes her fear by jumping in to save it, because she knows how much it means to him. However, when John arrives, he tells her that his boat is put away for inclement weather and that it is someone else’s boat.

She now realizes how much she cares about him, and they stay together. In the meantime, she meets Liz again and apologizes to her mother. They talk for a few minutes, enjoying their time together, but Liz tells her she does not see them becoming friends again.

Beth throws another funeral reception for her mother, Jane. She wants to do it right this time. She gives a candid speech about her mother. The show ends with Beth finally content in her new relationship, community, and reconnecting with her sister. The series ends with Beth joining a volleyball team for anyone over forty years old.

And there you go, a story recap of Life & Beth season 1 and what happened. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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