Here’s everything that happened in Life & Beth Season 2

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 16, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Life & Beth Season 2 Recap (Episodes 1-10)
Life & Beth Season 2 | Image via Hulu


Amy Schumer is back with Season 2 of the Hulu original series Life & BethThe series has centered around Beth trying to overcome her past to have a fruitful future. In case you missed anything, our recap of Life & Beth Season 2 details everything that went down in Episodes 1-10.

Episode 1 – “Trust Me”

Beth is trying to settle into life by starting her new business and heading on a big date with her boyfriend, John. Ahead of the date, Beth goes on a spa day with her friends Jess and Jen to spend some time on Jen’s birthday. However, John arrives at the date with his chickens smelling like a full day of work. While it upsets Beth, John explains that he arrived like this just to get to this date with her and says one day they will get married, which completely flips her night upside down (in a good way).

Episode 2 – “Who Dat”

Beth awakens to John handing her a ring, and as she sits on Maya’s porch discussing it, they start making plans for a wedding. They discuss getting married the following week when Maya says she will be in New Orleans for the Essence Festival. This sparks the idea that Beth and John will marry in New Orleans. Beth’s friends try to get her to live it up in the city, but she pleads with them for a tame time ahead of her wedding. The two head down the aisle together and say “I do”, becoming husband and wife.

Episode 3 – “Nothing Can Get Me Down”

It’s post-wedding, and Beth wants John to go with her to see a psychic, but he wants to go play basketball instead. The meeting with the psychic didn’t go as Beth wanted as she told her that her mother was in the room, but it was only briefly. She attempts to comfort John, but he continues playing basketball. A run-in with Maya’s son Vince (who is autistic) makes Beth realize that John is on the spectrum as well, which could be part of their communication issues.

Episode 4 – “This Soup is Gonne Be Good”

Beth attempts to talk with John about potentially being on the spectrum but needs to figure out how to approach it. After dancing around the topics, Beth tackled the conversation with John head-on, and he was pretty receptive. Between the flashbacks and tackling with the therapist, we see a side of John we’ve yet to see. Ultimately, the doctor diagnoses him as being on the autism spectrum.

Episode 5 – “Claire”

After finding out he might have a kid, Matt hunts down Beth to help him deal with it. When he goes to meet his daughter, things start horrendously, leading to Beth coming to save him. He bounces back and starts to hit it off with her, all because of Beth’s help. The entire thing opens her eyes to the potential of becoming a mother one day. She brings it up to John, who is very receptive to the idea.

Episode 6 – “The Work”

Beth has to go on a work trip, and even though it’s not his cup of tea, John heads to Manhattan with her. While in the city, Beth gets a call from her sister Ann, and the two decide to go on a road trip to a haunted mansion. Sadly, the trip turns south when the duo gets into a massive argument over their childhood. It leads to Beth questioning whether or not she would be a good mom. Later that night, her boss found the pregnancy test in the trash can, confirming she was pregnant, and John read the test wrong.

Episode 7 – “That’s What Friends Are For”

In their first doctor’s appointment, the doctor gives Beth a run down of what is ahead for her pregnancy, including waiting to tell her friends as she is having a kid older in life. We get a montage of the pregnancy with John going through and rebuilding many things in the house to take his mind off the upcoming baby. Beth plans a baby shower to reunite with her friends she hasn’t seen in a while. However, things get sticky when she realizes how much she has missed since being away from one another.

Episode 8 – “Show Toxic”

Maya sparks the idea in Beth’s head that most men cheat on their wives while they are pregnant. This sparks Beth to want to have sex with John to feel close to him. Although the first try doesn’t go as planned, John attempts to switch things up with a little roleplay, but Beth struggles because of the continued construction in the house. Ultimately, the duo ends up fighting with Beth heading to spend the night at the hotel with one of her friends to get out of the house.

Episode 9 – “Toxic”

Upon finding out that Jess got pregnant, Beth runs to her aid to help support her while she is heading to get an abortion. The entire process puts much perspective on Beth’s life with her continued day-to-day struggles with John. In therapy, both John and Beth express the misfires in their relationship. Ahead of the baby being born, John agrees to take one for the team and move to a house upstate to help Beth feel safe.

Episode 10 – “Road to Nowhere”

Although the idea is of giving birth in the upstate house away from their under-construction home, Beth meets a Birth Doula who changes her mind about the whole process. John and Beth head back home to start preparing for the baby. Upon their arrival, Beth sees that the house is complete, and John keeps his promise to have it done before the baby comes. Both John and Ann show up at the most critical time for Beth as she gives birth to a baby boy.

That completes my recap of Life & Beth Season 2?. What did you think of the season overall? Let me know in the comments. 


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