In Good Hands Ending Explained – Do Can and Firat Become Good Friends?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 22, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
In Good Hands ending explained - Netflix Image
In Good Hands (Credit - Netflix)


In Good Hands is an emotional film centering around the story of a family with a hard-hitting ending. The family of single mother Melisa and her son Can changes when Melisa learns about her terminal disease. She is worried about Can’s parenting after her death, and at the suggestion of her friend Fatos, she tries to find the right candidate for that job.

One day, suddenly, she stumbles upon the young and handsome businessman Firat. Though they have some initial disagreements, Melisa thinks he is the perfect candidate for the job. Also, Firat likes Melisa and tries to get along with her. So, they become friends and frequently meet.

But Can does not accept that. He thinks that Firat intrudes on the world of him and his mother. But Firat soon wins his heart, and they become friends. Meanwhile, Melisa’s health condition worsens, and she expresses her love for Firat. Firat reciprocates. When they are happy with each other and Can by their side, suddenly the big revelation comes. One day, Can identifies his so-called father, who was told to be long dead.

For concealing this from Can, Firat resents Melisa. Then Melisa reveals another shocking revelation: that Firat is actually the original father of Can. Many years before, one night, they met and had a one-night stand. At the time of leaving, Firat told her that he would return after buying toilet paper. But he never returned. From that one-night stand, Can was born.

This makes Firat feel guilty, and eventually, he returns to Melisa and Can’s lives. Melisa’s condition worsens day by day, and after one night spent together, perhaps for the first time, comforting each other, she leaves in the morning without saying anything to them.

It turns our Firat is the father of Can (In Good Hands – Credit: Netflix)

When she is gone, she takes all the stacked toilet paper they (Melisa and Can) have collected as a symbol of coming back. But Melisa knows she will not be able to come back this time, so she takes all the toilet paper, leaving only a diary behind.

Firat and Can became great friends after this. He shares the same bond with Firat as with Melisa. In the last scene, we see them both on a rock cliff enjoying the view of the sea. At that moment, Firat hands over the diary to Can, which eventually becomes Melisa’s drawing book. They see how she captures the important moments of her life and reminisces with the promise of always having each other.

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