Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 14 recap – “Migratory Anticyclone”

March 27, 2022
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Episode 14 keeps the romantic leads at a crossroads, with everything still to play for as we approach closer to the ending.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 14, “Migratory Anticyclone,” contains spoilers.

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While we approach nearer to the end of this story, the healing process for the main romantic leads continues. The romantic story has been surprisingly unpredictable. I genuinely believed it would be nearly wrapped up by now, but it’s not. Anyway, let’s recap episode 14.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 14 recap

Episode 14 opens up with Ha-kyung narrating about the pleasant weather in Seoul and the migrating anticyclone. However, she’s heartbroken after her recent break-up with Si-woo. She has to pack Si-woo’s things in her apartment to make the situation more awkward. And then we return to the problem in the last episode. Si-woo tells Ha-kyung that their colleagues have found out that they were dating. Everyone knows, and it’s no longer a secret. Even Ha-kyung’s mother knows and asks many questions to her daughter about Si-woo. They are in a completely new situation, just after they have broken up. Episode 14 offers a fresh blow.

As for the other relationship, Ki-jun tells Yu-jin to take her time and makes it known that he’s calm about postponing their marriage certificate. He promises to put in more effort, and he’s eager to make it work.

There’s a lot of chatter at the weather station about Si-woo and Ha-kyung dating. There are a lot of rumors that they are still dating, which is ironic after they’ve just broken up. Ha-kyung tells Si-woo that colleagues will stop talking about them after some time. Ki-jun isn’t enjoying the rumors circling either, as it involves his ex, who used to date his wife.

And surprisingly, Ki-jun talks to Si-woo about it but in a compassionate way; this character is developing positively as we approach closer to the end of the season. He tells Si-woo that the gossip will be more about Ha-kyung because she’s a woman and asks him to be courteous and not be an a*****e like he was. He asks him to seriously consider whether he wants to break up with her. He obviously senses that Si-woo is making a mistake.

The weather station analyzes the migratory anticyclone, and they need to warn the farmers. After the meeting, Si-woo asks his colleagues to support him and Ha-kyung’s relationship. Si-woo tells Ha-kyung that they should keep it a secret about their break-up for now to stop the gossip. He doesn’t want to hear hurtful things about her. Ha-kyung tells him that’s the price for dating a colleague. She feels they should bear the consequences. Both characters find this split painful, and it’s upsetting to watch. We want the best for them.

Yu-jin is given a prestigious assignment due to another journalist’s maternity leave. The male colleague that offers her the assignment tells her that having a baby destroys a woman’s career. Yu-jin is irked by this theory. She tells Ki-jun about the column she’s in charge of but then drops the bombshell she can’t celebrate and drink because she’s 12 weeks pregnant. What a twist and one that we hope is wrapped up by the end of the season!

The ending

As the episode draws closer to the end, Ha-kyung meets Ki-jun and Si-woo meets Yu-jin. Ki-jun tells Ha-kyung that he wasn’t prepared to have a child, and he’s worried about whether he’ll be a good father. Yu-jin tells Si-woo she is dismayed that Ha-kyung is not prepared. Si-woo feels that Yu-jin really loves Ha-kyung if she’s so upset about their conversation about children.

With the conversations evolving, Ha-kyung delves into her break-up with Si-woo, and feels she isn’t good enough, but Ki-jun refutes that idea. She then tells him to stop drinking, buy some flowers, and return home to his wife. Si-woo tells Yu-jin that his parents blamed him for existing in this world and their pitfalls. He opens up even more and states that his father blames him for his mother dying due to the hardships. This thoroughly explains his strained relationship with his father.

When Yu-jin returns home, Ki-jun surprises her with celebratory gifts. However, Yu-jin reveals she wants an abortion because they are not prepared, which stuns Ki-jun. These two have not been aligned for a while, and this is another example.

As the episode ends, Si-woo looks up at Ha-kyung’s apartment, but then her mother finds him and asks where his daughter is. Ha-kyung is at the hospital, and she receives an update on Si-woo’s father — he has been in an accident, but there seems to be something more ominous going on with his health. Meanwhile, her mother wants a chat with Si-woo.

Episode 14 keeps the romantic leads at a crossroads, with everything still to play for as we approach closer to the ending.

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