Elite season 5, episode 6 recap – “Can’t Buy Me Love”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: April 8, 2022
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Netflix Elite season 5, episode 6 - Cant Buy Me Love


The silly “bid for your dates” storyline overtakes the episode a bit too much. However, the love square between Patrick, Cruz, Ivan, and Ari proves to be the best part of the episode. In contrast, the most dramatic scenes come from the episode’s closing moments. 

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 5, episode 6, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” contains spoilers.

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Elite season 5, episode 6 recap

Whilst in custody, Samuel speaks to Benjamin and their lawyer, and during the phone call, Benjamin promises that he will pay for Samuel’s bail. Is anyone else worried that he won’t? Many of the others don’t think so, with Benjamin proclaiming that the strategy works better if the bail doesn’t get paid. Prince Phillipe wants to pay for Samuel’s bail, but his mother blocks him from doing so. During lunch together, Cruz attempts to ensure they have “normal” father and son time together. But during lunch, Ivan reveals that he’s interested in both Ari and Patrick, with the revelation (at least for Cruz) that he and Patrick had sex. And, as you would expect, considering both father and son are involved with Patrick, the conversation doesn’t end well, with Ivan storming away from his father. 

Elite hosts another one of its famous parties. Felipe drinks with Caye, whilst Isadora continues with her habit. Although, at first, the vibe isn’t exactly vibrant. So Isadora attempts to take some molly. Caye, however, stops her and flushes the drugs down the toilets. The “Buy Your Valentine” event begins, with Rebe the first to be “bid” on. After her, it’s Patrick and Caye’s turn to be “bid” on. As for Patrick, Cruz “bids” the most, therefore winning a date with Patrick, whilst Ivan wins a date with Ari. Ivan and Ari nearly kiss, and after Patrick sees the chemistry between them, Patrick believes that Ivan is no longer interested in him. And considering Ivan and Ari end up in the bathtub together, you can hardly blame Patrick for thinking so. After Jess realises that Rebe is more interested in Mencia, she slaps Rebe and storms out of the party. 

The ending

Felipe tells Caye that no matter how much he wants a date with her, Prince Phillipe seems to always be getting in the way somehow. And instead of letting that happen, Felipe wants their first date to be memorable. As a result, Caye tells Prince Phillipe that there’s a girl who’s really interested in him (aka Isadora), and Caye asks him to leave her alone. Ivan spots his father, Cruz, and Patrick making out together in the swimming pool. At the end of the sixth episode, Samuel returns to Las Encinas and hugs Benjamin for paying for his bail. Ari, however, reveals that it was Ivan who paid for his bail. In a flashforward, Ari and Mencia find Patrick covered in blood, as presumably Samuel collapses onto the ground. The mystery of Elite season 5 is without a doubt shaping up to be one of the show’s best. 

It’s hard to predict what exactly will occur in the next two episodes and presumably lead to Samuel’s death. I, however, have two theories, although neither are with any logic. Theory number one; Ivan and Cruz will somehow be involved in Samuel’s death. Theory number two, and the theory I believe more, is Samuel will not actually die, and it’s all a ruse to fake his death to escape imprisonment over his believed role in Armando’s death. 

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