Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 12 recap – Yu-sin confronts (spoiler)

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 17, 2022
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Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 12

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 12, contains spoilers.

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Another week, another episode of writers making this story up as they go along. If you’ve stayed with Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) for this long, then there’s undoubtedly a story to be invested in, but there’s a reality that we are accepting the story rather than embracing it.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 12 recap

Episode 12 opens with Sa-hyeon’s mother with the child spirit following her. Meanwhile, A-mi raises her suspicions to Yu-sin that she believes Pi-young is getting married, but he remains doubtful. A-mi digs deeper and finds out that Pi-young is getting married and Yu-sin is concerned. This becomes the cornerstone of the episode — an angry Yu-sin trying to regain control of the situation.

A possessed Hye-ryung tells Sa-hyeon’s parents that she cannot get pregnant again. The parents are starting to suspect that she’s possessed by Song Won due to the similarities in how she talks. The father looks into it more, convinced that she’s possessed, even recognizing that her diet has changed. I do wonder where this story will lead, but with not many episodes remaining, it looks like the writer will think of something bizarre.

Yu-sin confronts Pi-young about her new marriage. He’s furious, and he brings up custody of their daughter. It becomes a bitter argument between the exes as they throw insults. Yu-sin meets Hae-ryun about Pi-young’s marriage for more information.

Once Yu-sin finds more details, he asks for a meeting with Dong-ma. He’s surprised that Dong-ma is an executive director of a company at such a young age, and he’s irked at his confidence. They talk about Pi-young’s daughter, and they immediately disagree on the future. Eventually, both men calm down for a proper discussion, but it soon escalates again. Will Yu-sin throw lawyers at this situation? This could get ugly.

The ending

Episode 12 ends in an underwhelming manner.

Dong-mi tells Pi-young not to send her daughter to school because she had a nightmare that someone kidnapped her. She believes it’s a premonition. Meanwhile, A-mi panics, realizing that Dong-mi isn’t in their house, but she learns she’s with Pi-young.

As episode 12 ends, Dong-mi is cooking, and she laughs hysterically. Why? Who cares.

Additional points

  • Seo Ban speaks to Si-eun and her family about moving in with his grieving father. He’s doubtful about it, but the family speaks about it properly.
  • Pi-young and Si-eun talk about moving into Seo Ban’s and Dong-ma’s father’s house and the roles they will take. They are glad their children are bought into the idea.

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