Reasonable Doubt season 1 review – you either win or you learn

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 26, 2022 (Last updated: March 6, 2023)
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Reasonable Doubt season 1 review - you either win or you learn


So far, so good. It may have slid under the radar up to this point, but Reasonable Doubt could soon blow up as the latest juicy (and soapy) series on Hulu.

This review of the Hulu series Reasonable Doubt (2022) season 1 does not contain spoilers.

This might just prove to be one of the juiciest TV secrets in 2022. So far, Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt has been hidden under the radar. And maybe that’s the point. Rather than a full promo tour, the show may just pop up and blow us all away. Going on the first two episodes of the series, it’s looking like it has a high chance of so doing so. 

The first original series from Disney’s Onyx Collective, the show follows Jax Stewart, who in the world of the show is the most brilliant and fearless defense attorney in Los Angeles. As she proves to be a force to be reckoned with, many want her to represent their clients. However, along the way, she has gained a questionable reputation to ensure she gets the results she needs. If it sounds similar to ABC’s Scandal, there’s a reason for that! Reasonable Doubt was created by former Scandal writer and producer Raamla Mohamed. And the former leading lady of Scandal, Kerry Washington, even directs the first episode.

As for the leading lady of this show, Jax is a flawed individual with her marriage currently in crisis. Due to a trial separation from her husband, Lewis, Jax often finds herself at odds with her teenage children. And whilst her family drama is at the heart of the show, the show also focuses on Jax’s career. Following a case that involves rape and murder, it will have you questioning the claims of characters and whether they’re as “innocent” as they say they are. The legal and personal sections of the storyline are both worthy, but together they make the show shine.

Above all, the well-written characters are great as well. It’s not just Jax that has many layers, either, although, as she’s the leading character, she will be the one that audiences will instantly love. Other characters like her husband Lewis are well-rounded, and they help make you feel more invested in her family drama. Michael Ealys character, Damon, may not feature in the two episodes as much as you’d want. But it’s likely that he will feature more heavily in the forthcoming episodes. And that could be when we start to understand his character more.

Moving back to Scandal, this show could be even better. Whilst it may be a little too early to say for certain, if the rest of the episodes play out like the first two episodes, it certainly could leave Scandal in its shadows. Overall, it’s a great watch. There’s a great plot. Whilst it’s not the most original, the cast (and therefore the characters) help make Reasonable Doubt stand out.

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