5 series like Reasonable Doubt you must watch

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 5, 2022 (Last updated: October 6, 2022)
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5 series like Reasonable Doubt you must watch

This article discusses 5 series like Reasonable Doubt you must watch.

The Hulu legal drama Reasonable Doubt is juicy, soapy, camp, and features a stellar cast. With murder in the first episode, it looks like the first season will leave us guessing who is responsible until the finale. But what other shows should you consider watching? Read the list below:

5 series like Reasonable Doubt you must watch

Scandal (2012)

Let’s start with the obvious one! With Reasonable Doubt written by Raamla Mohamed, one of the writers from the hit ABC legal drama, and Kerry Washington even directing the pilot episode, it’s an obvious choice! And like Reasonable Doubt, there’s a strong female at the front and center of the show. Can you imagine a show with both Scandal‘s Olivia and Reasonable Doubt’s Jax?

Revenge (2011)

Airing at a similar time to Scandal, some even compared the two shows to each other. With plenty of soapy twists, Revenge is the perfect match for Reasonable Doubt. Ever since the show, no one can look at a red sharpie in the same way. Emily Thorne was a determined woman, and that is one quality that Jax clearly has.

WHAT/IF (2019)

A Netflix show that felt like it went under the radar. With juicy storytelling, the melodrama might have been forgotten about since its release, but it’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. As a mini-series, it’s not a long watch and should help fill the weekly gap that comes between each episode of Reasonable Doubt.

How To Get Away With Murder (2014)

Another Shonda Rhimes creation on the list. With several twists on the way and a murder mystery at the center of the plot, it has many similarities to Reasonable Doubt. And just like Reasonable Doubt, How To Get Away With Murder proves hard to predict in its early days. Do you think Jax could have solved the case had she been in the ABC drama instead?

The Good Wife (2009)

In Reasonable Doubt, Jax is trying to balance it all, a full-time job, being a mother, and trying to maintain a social life. And who else does the same? Alicia in The Good Wife. Whilst Alicia is “the good wife” at the start of the show, Jax is currently having a break from her husband. So, whilst the shows are similar, there’s a nice contrast between the two.

Do you have any other recommendations for series like Reasonable Doubt? Let us know!

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