Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 3 recap – “99 Problems”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 4, 2022 (Last updated: January 27, 2024)
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Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 3 recap - "99 Problems"


Like the first two episodes, this is a great watch. With the soapy nature remaining strong in the show, it’s hard to guess whether Brayden did or did not kill Kaleesha.

This recap of the Hulu series Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 3, “99 Problems,” contains spoilers.

The first two episodes of this Hulu series set up the show very well, and it created a quality murder mystery after Kaleesha was murdered. But what about characters like Damon? Will his story end up being connected to Kaleesha’s? Who knows. Read the below recap, though, to find out what happened in the third episode.

Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 3 recap

There’s an update on the murder case, and Brayden gets named as an official suspect in the murder. Jax goes to her client to establish his alibi. When she arrives at his mansion, she learns that he hasn’t told his partner, Sarah, about the affair. So, Jax warns him that due to the impending trial, the affair will get out regardless, meaning that it’s probably best if he tells her first.

After going for lunch, Jax gets yelled at by Fallon, “so much for protecting black women”. She calls Jax a liar and continues to argue her belief that Brayden is the killer. Jax interrupts her by telling her that she will meet later that night for dinner. Fallon agrees, but only if Jax pays. Damon fails a drug test (apparently), resulting in his PO searching through his belongings for drugs. Jax wants to take Fallon out as she’s an emotional ticking time bomb. This means Jax has two options, either defuse her or ignite her.

As Jax wonders what to do with Fallon, she gets a call from Damon. He tells her that a drug test came back inconclusive, and he needs her help. Despite being in the middle of a huge case, she says she will come to help him tomorrow. After meeting with Fallon, Jax maintains that Brayden has no motive as Kaleesha had already signed the NDA. Jax wishes Fallon “some healing” and gives her some money to have a drink. But Fallon is not backing down easily — she continues to fight for justice throughout the episode.

The ending

There’s a new suspect in town, Kaleesha’s shady cousin, Morgan. Sarah goes to walk out on Brayden. But when Jax arrives, she calms Sara down. During a chat in the kitchen, Sarah questions how she can even stand by Brayden after all of the lies. Jax tells Sarah that if she leaves, she will be telling the world that he is a murderer. And since Sara doesn’t believe that he is a murderer, Jax tells her to “grin and bear it”. Sarah agrees to stay but insists on Brayden sleeping in the guest house.

The NDA between Brayden and Kaleesha has been revealed by a source close to the case. Jax and Lewis’s daughter, Naima, has her first period, despite being 10 years old, and it seems that Lewis is a little uncomfortable with the situation. The first court hearing does not go well, and Brayden may now be looking at 15 years to life in prison. As they leave their court, there’s a protest outside, which Kaleesha has organized. Later on, when Jax and Lewis explain to Naima what a period is, Naima asks if that means she can get pregnant.

Jax calls Damon and apologies for not being able to prove his innocence. Whilst at home, Jax goes through Naima’s clothes, and she learns that she has been having a period for a while. So why didn’t Naima tell her earlier? Because she thought that Jax was too busy for her. As she breaks down in tears over the matter, Lewis watches her on the security cameras. Damon catches CJ doing “some s**t”. He tells CJ to do it somewhere else as he can’t risk going back to jail. At the end of the episode, Daniel tracks down Morgan. As he tails them, he calls Jax. And you can just tell something is about to happen. It turns out that Morgan has realized that Daniel is following her. Jax can only listen on the phone as Morgan and her boyfriend beat up Daniel.

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