Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 6 recap – “Finding your penguin…”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode 6 shows a valuable lesson for self-love and discovery following a heartbreak.

This review of Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 6, “Finding your penguin…,” contains spoilers.

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Looking for love is a strange thing because there’s no science behind it that’s concrete. That’s what our character learns in this chapter. Episode 6 shows a valuable lesson for self-love and discovery following a heartbreak.

Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens with Indu in a laboratory inspecting a petri dish. She wonders why her bacteria isn’t growing. She then complains about her love life to her colleagues, claiming there are “no more men” for her. Her friends tell her that Vivek is not the man for her, but that does not mean she has to give up. When Indu gets home, she can’t stop scrolling through photos of Vivek but then remembers her friends telling her to move on.

Her world is then reimagined as an Animal Kingdom. A narrator tells her about the mating patterns and tells her to awaken the animal in her and assures her that one day, the right animal will come to her. She then leaves this imagined Animal Kingdom, and she’s full of confidence; she tells her friends she’s over Vivek.

And so Indu uses her animal instincts while out in a club and ends up having a drink with a man named Karn. However, she finds Karn loves himself too much. The next day, she insists she will eventually find the right match.

Her father matches her with a man named Tarun. There does seem to be some romantic tension between them. Indu confirms to her friends that she likes him. She calls him a Bower Bird — the species that extend themselves to impress. On their next date, Tarun proposes to Indu for marriage, but she rejects him. She doesn’t want to date him. Tarun is devastated, believing he did everything perfectly.

Indu drowns her sorrows with her friends after cutting it off with Tarun. Her friends are unsure why she’s been a pain-in-the-ass, but Indu admits she found him boring.

A drunk Indu dances with a man she finds cute, drags him off the dance floor and takes him to the balcony for some privacy. As the man kisses her neck, Indu falls asleep in his arms. The man tries to continue, but luckily, her friends find her and drag her away. This was an uncomfortable scene.

The next day, Indu returns home and sees that Tarun has left a love heart made of roses in her room — she finds it is too much. Her father tells her he can’t force her to marry a man she doesn’t like.

Indu is still struggling over her ex Vivek, which is clear after she speaks to her father. But suddenly, the Animal Kingdom returns, and she realizes she needs to find her penguin — a soul mate for life. She feels she gets clarity when she finds a penguin teddy given to her by Vivek.

The ending

She meets Vivek and references the penguin. She tells him they are soul mates and that she forgives him for cheating. Vivek tells Indu that just because they love each other doesn’t mean they are soul mates. He reveals that he already has his soul mate.

Indu decides to take a break to find herself again; she embarks on a backpacking journey. Her friends tell her to let love find her. As soon as she starts her journey, she bumps into a man called Aadi, that introduces himself. He tells her he is a voice artist for TV Ads, which surprises her. The episode ends. Ultimately, in the end, it was all about self-love and self-discovery—an essential lesson for all.

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