Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 5 recap – “About that rustle in the bushes”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode 5 shows the ugliness of a father’s invasive interest in their daughter’s romantic life, but it’s speared by a sweet ending.

This review of Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 5, “About that rustle in the bushes,” contains spoilers.

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As a parent, it’s difficult not to get involved with your child’s love life. Episode 5 shows the ugliness of a father’s invasive interest in their daughter’s romantic life, but it’s speared by a sweet ending.

Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with Sneha out on a date. However, on the date, they feel they are getting spied on. It’s the woman’s father and he’s using binoculars to spy on her daughter’s dates.

The next day, Sneha goes for a tattoo with her friend Rashi. Later on, she goes out for a date, and her father rushes out to spy on her. Sneha is in the cinema with her date. Her father manages to find her at the cinema and takes photos of her. The date Sneha is with is an anxious introvert and supports him through it.

Sneha returns home and enjoys watermelon with her father, unbeknown to her that he’s been spying on her dates. And the spying continues the next day as her father takes photos of his daughter on another date. However, when Sneha goes out one evening for a party, the father’s wife tells him to stay inside, but he insists he just wants some fresh air.

The night goes well for Sneha, but a man called Jai is there; her best friend Rashi is also interested in him. The man tells Sneha he likes her, so to ease tensions, he asks Rashi if he can go out for a coffee with Sneha. Rashi shows no resentment and permits them to go for a date.

When Sneha gets home, her father presses her about her tattoo. Sneha then realizes her father is spying on her, and she is disgusted by this. Her privacy has been breached. The father does not see it like that, but he has no argument apart from “father’s responsibility.” She raises how she followed every rule as a child, but she doesn’t need to now she is older.

Sneha meets Jai and tells him that she was forced into an arranged marriage by her father with a man called Arjun — he was a drug abuser. She struggled to forgive her father after the trauma she faced. She thinks the guilt of what he did has made him into a detective.

Thinking her father is spying on her, Sneha kisses Jai passionately, and Jai reciprocates and kisses her back. Jai gives her a lift home. However, when she gets home, she learns he father has collapsed and is in the hospital.

The ending

The episode flits to one year later. It’s Sneha’s wedding day. She finds an old journal that belonged to her deceased father. He recorded every date she went on and made notes for each man, describing whether he’d be a good fit for her and thinking of ways to support her if she made a mistake. He wanted her to be with a good man and ensure she was cared for. He did like Jai, but he never wrote his conclusion. Sneha is emotional after finding this journal and sobs. A father’s love shines through.

Sneha gets married to Jai, and she imagines her father spying from the bushes. She knows he looks over her wherever he is—what a sweet ending.

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