Modern Love Hyderabad season 1 review – a calm collection of stories

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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Modern Love Hyderabad offers a collection of calm stories on relationships

This review of the Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Read the recap of the first episode of Modern Love Hyderabad.

Modern Love has been a moderately popular series for Amazon. Arriving in the world and presenting a barnstorming Anne Hathaway performance, the series has stayed grounded, even if it has sometimes felt middling. The Indian version of Modern Love has already come to our streaming service with Mumbai. Focusing on another area in India, welcome Modern Love Hyderabad.

There’s nothing unexpected with this series if you are familiar with the concept, and you do not need to watch the prior seasons for any continuation. Modern Love Hyderabad offers a collection of calm stories on relationships, ranging from father-daughter trust issues to the need to find a soulmate. It’s not all about intense, undying love in this anthological series. It explores a wide range of topics that pertain to the human condition.

This series is hardly groundbreaking in its six episodes, but it’s also not a throwaway series either. It could have benefitted from a more outrageous or thought-provoking chapter, but the heart within each story is apparent. There’s a genuine attempt to provide storytelling here, and I greatly appreciated it. Is it as good as its predecessors? Probably not, but each season of Modern Love offers something different every time.

For sure, episode 4 is the stand-out episode; it follows an ambitious producer who falls in love with a stand-up comedian. His love and lust for this stand-up comedian encourages him to try and create a show around her. Love extends to many different places, and Modern Love Hyderabad tries earnestly to do that. There are some forgettable chapters in this series, but nothing in this is outrageously appalling or makes you feel deflated.

Amazon is attempting to squeeze as much juice out of this concept, so it will be interesting to see what country or city they focus on next.

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