Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 2 recap – “Fuzzy, purple and full of thorns…”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode 2 explores a specific relationship challenge, with Renuka and her partner serving as a case study.

This review of Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 2, “Fuzzy, purple and full of thorns…,” contains spoilers.

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Relationships come with challenges. For our character Renuka in episode 2, she is faced with an unexpected commitment crisis with a man she fell head-over-heels for. Episode 2 explores a specific relationship challenge, with Renuka and her partner serving as a case study.

Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with 2D Animator Renuka hurting her foot, and a man named Uday helps her with a first aid kit. She takes an interest in Uday, asking him a range of questions. She asks him if he will be visiting the temple again. Two years later, Renuka and Uday have formed a blossoming romance with each other.

With life seeming normal and blissful, Renuka is hit with a revelation; she finds a pair of another woman’s slippers in their wardrobe. Purple, snazzy heels. Her friend tells her to approach Uday in a mature manner about it. This is a blow to her loving relationship.

Later on, she places the shoes on the coffee table in front of Uday, but he doesn’t react and watches television. Renuka is confused, so she tries to broach a conversation, but Uday falls asleep. The next day, she keeps on putting the slippers in front of him, but he doesn’t react. She confronts him this time, and Uday tells her that he thought she bought new slippers. After a back and forth, Uday reveals they are Anu’s slippers, presumably his ex. Renuka wonders why he didn’t throw them out, but he doesn’t know why. This doesn’t help Renuka at all, in fact, it makes her angrier.

She decides to confide in her friend; she’s unsure about what to do about her relationship, but her friend advises her to remain calm and not to make any rash decisions. Following on from this conversation, Renuka continues to obsess over the purple slippers, placing them in different areas of the house. She’s confused as to why Uday never notices them.

Renuka has an idea, so she visits her ex’s house, and ends up having tea with his wife. But then, the wife catches Renuka in their wardrobe and tells her to move on. She tried to steal one of her ex’s t-shirts, but it does not work.

When Renuka gets home, Uday surprises her for their anniversary with candles, cake, and flowers. He’s made it sentimental, and Renuka is moved by his romantic approach. However, as they are about to get intimate, Renuka sees the slippers and asks Uday why he kept them. It kills the mood. Uday tries to tell her the slippers are not important, but it does not work, so he walks out.

Renuka visits Uday at his work and apologizes to him. She tells him that not everything has to be logical. He agrees, and they recognize they’ve only had one fight in two years. Renuka finally feels free from the purple sleepers.

But now, there’s pressure from their families to get married and they can feel the judgment from each of their parents. Afterward, Uday tells Renuka that marriage is just a certificate. Renuka brings up the slippers again and questions his commitment. She believes the slippers are a sign that things are not working. Uday believes she’s obsessing over the purple slippers and he refuses to throw them away.

The ending

Renuka suggests a break, and Uday looks heartbroken, so he walks away. After time apart, Uday meets Renuka with the purple slippers. He wants to fix their issue. He leaves them outside, and someone else picks them up. The slippers are finally gone. Commitment can be strange and mean a million things. Uday and Renuka agree to trust each other, no matter what. Renuka asks Uday if there are any other items. He says there are no other items apart from the coffee maker — she chokes on her coffee. A new relationship challenge awaits. If anything, episode 2 highlights how there are a lot of self-sabotaging moments in a relationship, and it’s up to the couple to navigate through them.

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