Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 3 recap – “Why did she leave me there…?”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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Episode 3 delves into childhood wounds and the importance of understanding them.

This review of Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 3, “Why did she leave me there…?,” contains spoilers.

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Childhood can be confusing, and episode 3 explores the notion that if you do not deal with the wounds of the past, then it can be devastating. Episode 3 delves into childhood wounds and the importance of understanding them.

Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 opens up with Rohan, a business CEO, delivering a speech to his workshop. He talks about how excuses destroy careers and lives. He tells them they “either do it or they don’t” in order to succeed in life. Afterward, his friend Satish rings, telling him, “it is time.” We are then met with flashbacks of when Rohan was younger, and he seemed disconnected while out with his family.

In the present, Rohan and Satish visit an orphanage. Rohan seems nervous about going inside. Rohan remembers his time when he was younger in the orphanage. It was a confusing time in his childhood. At one point, he lived with his grandmother with his sister. He was a large-hearted child, full of soul. And then, one fateful day, Rohan’s sister was run over, and the grandmother was distraught.

In the present, Rohan processes the past in his mind as the world around him in the orphanage feels still. In a flashback, Rohan does not understand death and keeps asking when he can see his sister. The grandmother does her best to explain the situation, but she’s suffering from an illness. She does her best to care for Rohan despite their heavy loss. They were companions. But eventually, Rohan’s grandmother took him to the orphanage.

And that’s where Rohan met his new parents for the first time. In the present day, Rohan admits he never had the courage to return to the orphanage and face the truth.

Flashbacks show the grandmother saying goodbye to Rohan in an emotional moment. Rohan is distraught, and he tries to run after her. In the present day, Rohan grieves — he wonders why his grandmother left him at the orphanage. Jyothi tells him that his grandmother showed the ultimate love, knowing she could no longer look after him with her health.

The ending

The visit for Rohan turns into a happy experience as he reminisces old times. He decides to invest in the orphanage and dedicates it to his grandmother. He holds one of the hands of a baby in the orphanage, and he’s formed a bond. Does he adopt? That’s left to the viewer’s imagination.

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