Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 4 recap – “What clown wrote this script!”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2022
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This is a strong chapter, bringing impressive chemistry.

This review of Amazon original series Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 4, “What clown wrote this script!” contains spoilers.

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Episode 4 explores the “wrong place, wrong time” notion as two characters with obvious chemistry are bound by their professional obligations. This is a strong chapter, bringing impressive chemistry.

Modern Love Hyderabad season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens up with Ashwin daydreaming about being in a peaceful forest. He’s then brought back to reality — he’s a creative producer. He has to deal with one of the actresses who is annoyed at being given clothes that do not fit. It feels like Ashwin needs something new in his career, which soon becomes apparent.

Ashwin attends a comedy club night after a recommendation by one of his peers. One of the stand-ups is a woman called Vinnie. Ashwin is impressed by her comedy and seems in awe of her. He even takes her skit seriously about a man and his home; he goes home and is surprised by how much he represents the man she talks about.

The next day, Ashwin meets Vinnie for a business meeting. He tells her the man she described in her comedy skit is 99% him. He offers her a role on TV for a show called Telugu Man, based on her stand-up. Ashwin likes her creativity and claims he is not looking for a date, stating no ulterior motive. Vinnie is unsure, but Ashwin calls her a natural performer. The next day, Vinnie tells Ashwin that she agrees to the show, so they need to plan the pilot episode. This will mean they will have to spend a lot of time together preparing for the show.

But while in another business meeting, Vinnie sees her parents nearby. Ashwin tells her not to be nervous because they are not on a date. And then, afterward, the hard work begins to start creating the new show starring Vinnie as the lead. One day, Vinnie asks Ashwin if he’d like a hug, so he accepts. Vandana calls it the worst hug in the world. Ashwin raises how he never wants to take advantage of her after scouting her for the show and references the #MeToo movement. Ashwin says the difference is that she wants the hug. From here, a romance between them blossoms.

However, the new show, Telegu Man, is rejected by Sakshi, as she thinks it will be damaging for the company. However, after some persuasion, she accepts it.

During makeup preparation, Vinnie does not like how she looks, believing it is not her. She’s not happy with the changes. Ashwin meditates about the forest again before talking to Rohit — he tells him he accepts responsibility if doing the show his way goes wrong. Vinnie is given creative freedom, and the pilot goes the way she wants. The production team agrees that it works.

The channel approves the show, but Sakshi tells Ashwin they do not want Vinnie to lead on the character — the show also comes with a pay rise for him. They’ve ordered one hundred episodes but with another actress in mind. She tells Ashwin not to let his love life get in the way of a decision.

Later on, Ashwin meets Vinnie, and he’s nervous. He tells her they have decided to go with another actor, and he has to do his job. Vinnie feels betrayed as Ashwin promised to protect her. Ashwin asks her to write this show with him.

The ending

And so the production company start recording the show. The new lead is not as good as Vinnie, and they both know it. Vinnie walks out, so Ashwin chases after her. She tells him she cannot write for this show. She also states that without a show, they can’t be an “us” before giving Ashwin a parting hug.

A year later, Ashwin watches Vinne at a stand-up. He obviously could not forget about her. He texts her after the stand-up, and she responds with a smiley face. Whether that suggests a rekindled romance is up to the audience to decide, but I would prefer if Vinne stuck to her principles and stayed away from Ashwin.

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